Are you aware of the term Recaptcha? Universally, the use of Recaptcha has been observed for every website you are dealing with. Then what is it exactly? So first, let us figure out more about this topic. 

In simple terms, Recaptcha protects our websites from bot so that the sites can be controlled only by individuals. You can protect your websites from scams and various automated abuse. Essentially, it augments the concern of people online privacy. Recaptcha is a free collateral service from Google that works on safeguarding the website.

Recaptcha version 2

To solve user experience, Google introduced Recaptcha v2 which a former state-of-the knowledge. If suspicious behavior initiates with an immediate effect, Recaptcha v2 challenges the user for solving it to ensure human involvement. For instance,  when you enter a web page, you need to check a box saying “I’m not a robot”.

Recaptcha "I'm not a robot"

Or,  sometimes you require to pass image or audio recognition tasks set by Recaptcha v2 safety standards.

image recognition tasks

How Recaptcha v2 ( Invisible Recaptcha Badge) work

The invisible Recaptcha badge works engaging human effort for clicking on the checkbox. As an alternative, it is invoked instantly once the viewer clicks on the existing key on the site or possibly invoked by a JavaScript API call.

Before the Recaptcha is about to finish, the assimilation will ask for JavaScript callback.

By default, the suspicious traffic urges to crack the captcha.
You can alter these manners via editing the site security preference in advance settings.

Now quick recap on Recaptcha v3

The term itself states that it’s a new version of Recaptcha. Yes, it the third manifestation of Google’s Recaptcha. The Recaptcha v3 is said to have denied challenges with zero user interface. Through it is transparent which makes it a better feature response received from the user experience viewpoint.

It is merely a JavaScript that provides a score concerning 0 to 1 signifying the request originated from the bot. Suppose if scores 0, configures “You are Bot” or scores close to 1, configure Congratulations You Are Human”.

google recaptcha

How far the Recaptcha v3 is beneficial to the users

  1. Well, the latest version of Recaptcha i.e v3 enhances the experience of the user becoming user-friendly and eliminating the troublesome while browsing.
  2. It gives a second chance to those who accidentally blocked themselves due to challenge fall-down.
  3.  It permits successful challenges to pass through via the initial test only.

To Recapitulate

Both versions have shown abundant results in securing the websites. The Recaptcha v2 assists as a tracker in supervising user activities through scrolling, clicking while the user is solving the challenge set by v2.

On the contrary, Recaptcha v3 performs exactly with a tiny difference. In v3 it doesn’t require press any button. Despite both versions being worthwhile, a consideration on which version surpass has been perceived. Well, acknowledging Recaptcha v3 will suit the sites showing a challenge is not desired and mandatory while Recaptcha v2 claims to challenge every single userfor ultimate protection.

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

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