Hey, are you bored staying in a WhatsApp group for a longer time and want to leave now secretly?

It’s like your close friend or any relative have just added you in a group that you don’t wanna stay anymore. They are hanging about the WhatsApp group the whole day long but these are like chatter-box for you, right? And, you simply want to escape. But leaving that WhatsApp group gives particular notification to everyone that they might add you again. Either Your relatives felt this feat disappointing but you don’t like to dishearten them.
WhatsApp is the most favorite messenger among people of all age groups. Be it teenagers who got a personal mobile just recently, or the elders of our society who are still new to the functioning of technological platforms, WhatsApp is the one common denominator.
With the middle-aged working-class people making the most use of WhatsApp features for their business and personal needs, there are plenty of WhatsApp groups with over 200 members each. Digital marketers, project teams, and even family members have individual groups in WhatsApp.
According to a study involving various age groups, each member who uses WhatsApp in daily life is a member of at least 2 groups each, with many people included in 10 or more groups.

The necessity of leaving WhatsApp Group Discretely

Since WhatsApp is number-based and free, anybody who has your number in their contact list can message you or add you to groups.
WhatsApp does provide the option to block unwanted contacts, barring them from sending you messages, videos, and photos, and even banning them from adding you in groups, but more often than not, some contacts cannot be blocked due to diplomacy or personal reasons.
In such cases, leaving groups and asking people to not add you in groups might seem rude or you might come across some people who just don’t listen and keep adding you in unwanted groups. To curb such instances and maintain a peaceful mind, it becomes necessary to adopted sly secret methods. With some easy tricks, any WhatsApp user can avoid seeming rude or unprofessional and still exit unwanted WhatsApp groups.

Using the Mute Button of WhatsApp!

One of the easiest ways to avoid a person virtually is to just restrict their access to you. On WhatsApp, this is done by avoiding their notifications or pressing the mute button. This button enables you to avoid receiving a notification when the muted person or group sends you a message.
You can now select the duration for which you want the person or the WhatsApp group notifications muted – 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year.
Steps–>> Open WhatsApp 🡪 Long press & select the targeted group 🡪 click the audio button at the top.


Using the Mute Button of WhatsApp!

Select ‘8hours’/ ‘1week’/ ‘1year’ (dont forget to untick ‘Show notification’) 🡪 Ok.




Make sure that you got this No Audio (mute) symbol visible on your group.


No Audio (mute)


With the 8 hours mute option; you can avoid getting disturbed by unwelcome notifications and messages while working a normal shift in the office or from home.
The 1-week mute option is often used to restrict notifications temporarily, especially if you’re on a trip or vacation.
The 1-year mute option is a serious commitment, mostly used to mute groups that you absolutely cannot stand and cannot leave as well.

How to Mute a WhatsApp Group?

To avail the mute option

Go to the Group Settings 🡪 press the mute button.

Once the pop-up box appears 🡪 select your preferred time frame.


Confirm mute.

In certain cases where the groups cannot be ignored or muted, there are certain ways of making your exit without anybody getting notified. 

Disable Group Notifications

In cases where just putting the WhatsApp group on mute just won’t work and you desperately need to leave the group in a sly and secretive manner, you can make use of the Phone settings and prevent the unwanted WhatsApp group members getting a notification about your exit.

To use this feature

Open your Phone Settings 🡪 click on ‘Apps’.




Click on ‘Manage Apps’ or Apps Permissions or whatever that option is named in your phone (depending upon the model)

Once you do this, scroll down and find ‘WhatsApp’ under the Installed Apps option, or simply search for it and open WhatsApp settings on your phone.


Next, click on the ‘Notifications’ tab 🡪 select ‘Group Notifications’ listed among the many options.


If the Group Notifications is turned ON in your phone by default, 🡪 turn it OFF.


If in case the Group Notifications cannot be turned off, you might find another toggle named Alerts under the Group Notifications Tab 🡪 turn that OFF to do your job.


Once you have disabled the Group Notifications from the WhatsApp settings on your phone 🡪 open WhatsApp on your phone. 

The last step is to exit whichever group you would like to leave
This method works for both Android as well as iOs users, and you can rest assured that nobody in that group would be notified of your leave.


Clear Group Chat

Another feature that Whatsapp provides to remove the group chat from your active inbox chats is to use the Clear Chat option. This will delete all the messages from the group without actually leaving the group or giving off any notification about the deleted messages. 
Benefits: Clearing WhatsApp group chat deletes all messages, photos, documents, links, and videos that might have been shared with the group from the WhatsApp history as well as your Phone storage. This option does not exit the group, and the WhatsApp group re-appears in your inbox chats as soon as some new message is received on the group. This option can only be a temporary measure.

Third-party Application Softwares

In some cases where disabling the Group Notifications might not work, another handy method to exit a WhatsApp group without giving off a notification is to use a third-party app to link your WhatsApp and exit groups freely.

third-party app groupxit

However, these third-party applications are not safe to use because they have no known origin source and might contain malware. However, if you wish to use this option nevertheless, GroupXit is one such app that can help you exit WhatsApp group chats quietly. Before you download this app, make sure that WhatsApp shares its API with this app to link and exit groups.

Sometimes the annoying WhatsApp groups may make you take drastic measures to exit them while also being polite and respectful. This is only normal and these measures can always come in handy. The only drawback is that the group members can any time check the WhatsApp group members and if they find you missing, they can add you back. The only permanent solution is to block such members.
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