Have you heard about an interesting WhatsApp Group from a friend? Neither be able to enter as your friend is not on the admin panel. Then you are wishing if you could enter a WhatsApp group skipping the admin’s consent?

Or you are interested to have your friend or your favorite person in the same group you’re inside. Still unable to make both ends meet?

Surely there’s way out. That’s why you’re here to get the compact solutions to your big doubt! So, read out each and every step entirely.

Invite via Whatsapp Group Link (Steps)

  • Step 1 – Go to the whatsapp group you wish to invite your friend > Group info ( click on the three dots at right / click on the group name)

  • Step 2 – Scroll down and click on ‘Invite via link

  • Step 3 – Now choose any of the sharing option from the list.

Invite to group via QR Code

You have to follow All the steps of  ‘Invite via Whatsapp Group Link’ except the third one.

  • Step 1 – After the step 1 & step 2 , Click on ‘QR code‘ > Share/ forward the QR code Image on clicking the share icon at the top-right.

WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is a commonly used instant messaging service. This app lets you chat with anyone either in a one-to-one chat or in group chats.

The groups are great for interacting with many people. Family, friends, or colleagues can have their groups on WhatsApp so that they can share or stay in touch.

Did you know that there are a million WhatsApp groups created for sharing jokes, Shayari, memes, cricket alerts, and so on?

People join these groups to get the latest updates, meet people who have similar interests, or just stay busy with exciting content throughout the day.

WhatsApp Group Links

WhatsApp launched a new feature that enables the admin to add new group members via links. These are invitational links to a specific group of people.

Since 2016, the group links became the most favored method to join WhatsApp groups. The group admin needs to form a group link and send it to anyone he wants to add.

Find and join the WhatsApp group of your choice

Since it’s a messaging platform, WhatsApp doesn’t have a search function to search for groups. Keeping groups locked from search is advisable as it deters spammers and protects the group’s privacy.

Most WhatsApp groups are private. But group Admins let almost everyone to join the group. They provide group invite links to the public by publishing it on social media.

Finding these WhatsApp groups and their invite links can be a little cumbersome. Here are a few places to look for.

Google Search Indexes group Invites via Links

Google has filed invite links to private WhatsApp groups. This implies that anyone can join a private group with a simple search.

Reportedly, the Tech Giant indexed invite links to WhatsApp Private Groups. The team found private groups with specific Google searches.

They even joined an NGO group accredited by the United Nations. They gained access to all the group members and their phone numbers.

Google Search for WhatsApp Group Directory Websites

There are websites dedicated to accepting group submissions and filing their links. Search for “Group links” or “Group invite”.

You will find them easily. A simple Google search turns up results like “GroupLinks.com” or “WhatsGroupLinks.com”.

WhatsGroupLinks.com keeps a revamped directory of WhatsApp Private Links. This is a popular site with more than 70,000 shares.

You can refine your search by categories or scroll down to see a list of group names in each criterion.

Once you find a group you’re interested in joining, select it to open its corresponding invite links to open in a new tab.

Tap on the green “Join Chat” button to join the WhatsApp group from your account. GroupLinks.com operates similarly. It lists the groups in a grid with a feature photo.

You can select the “Load more” option to look for more groups. As you find a group to join, select it, and tap on the green “Join Chat” button that appears on the screen.

It will redirect you to your WhatsApp account to join the group.

Search Google Play Store or App Store for WhatsApp Group Directory Apps.

Like third party sites, you will find mobile applications developed by third-party developers.  These provide a list of WhatsApp groups to join.

Search for “WhatsApp groups” on the app store or Google Play Store and find what comes out. You will find some poorly rated apps that serve as directories for WhatsApp groups on Google Play Store.

You can find one app on the App Store. It’s called “Groups for WhatsApp”.

Search Social Media Sites and Forums for users sharing group links.

You can search for WhatsApp groups and invite links to join on social media sites and forums. You can follow these suggestions on where and how to look.

Facebook: Simply search for “WhatsApp groups” and select the “Groups” filter. Facebook Groups are existing only to encourage people to share their group links and help others to join them.

Tumblr: Search for “WhatsApp groups” or “WhatsApp Group Links”.

You will find posts sharing group links or blogs dedicated to WhatsApp Groups to join.

Reddit: Search for WhatsApp Group Links” and browse through the results. The appropriate ones will be promoting WhatsApp groups for others to join. If you notice that most of the results posted a year ago or earlier, you can sort thread results by “latest”.

News WhatsApp Group Links

You will find a list of group links for news, current affairs, and related information. Joining these groups will stay up-to-date with current affairs, and breaking news.

Interested in National or International News, or news from your city or language? Join the right WhatsApp group and you will start receiving messages within the app.

Isn’t this exciting? Get started and join news related WhatsApp group. 

 PUBG WhatsApp Group Links

Are you passionate about PUBG and looking for like-minded friends?

You can join as many groups as you want and discuss gaming strategies, views, and opinions.

You can join live tournaments, earn money and enjoy playing PUBG. So go ahead and join these groups.


🖤Pub g uc 🖤

Politics WhatsApp Group Links

Want to get news updates on your favorite political parties like BJP, Congress or politicians like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi etc?

Then join the groups focused on Indian Politics and politicians to get all sorts of information, memes and news about them.

💐भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली💐



Online Shopping and Deals WhatsApp Group Links

Do you love online shopping? Are you crazy about finding deals that save you money?

We have collected shopping WhatsApp group to help you find the latest deals from online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong all others.

You can join some of these groups to get discounts on all the products you want to buy.

Top deals flipkartamazon5


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