Are you tired by pinning the same pin again and again but growing in business is important? Or, do you not have enough pins regarding a particular topic, so you need shared-pins on board? Or, you don’t have enough time to upload 15-20 pins every day! Then you must rap onto Tailwind.

If you are ferociously looking for a moneymaking way in means of promoting your brands on Pinterest, then we are forever available to assist you. For now, we are going to discuss how to use Tailwind for Pinterest?‘. 

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest?

Tailwind entails some amazing features of what no other platform contains. So I’m going to light upon some astonishing features of Tailwind that facilitate its uses with respect to Pinterest. So, carefully read this article, this will ease up your Tailwind-operating way.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram centric tool that is an all-in-one marketing toolkit. The majority of its features arrange Pinterest and Instagram scheduling and publishing.

On Pinterest, it is a general practice to pin 15-20 posts in a day. In this situation, you beset yourself with Pinterest. As we know, things are changing so fast in the digital world. With this backdrop, tailwind added numerous features in previous years.

In starting, Tailwind may be incongruous for some users. But soon it becomes easy to use. In further steps, we will be setting a Tailwind account. Over there, we can log in either with Pinterest or Instagram. 

OPen tailwind

As we go with Pinterest, we have to give access to our Pinterest account.

As already mentioned, 15-20 posts on Pinterest every day is a usual practice. In other words, posting pins of such a large number can be a full-time work itself for you. That becomes hassling if you run your own business or have other things to do. But don’t worry! We have a solution – Tailwind.

Tailwind is an official of Pinterest’s partner. After creating an account, users can – trade on all the following features.

Tailwind can solve these problems:

1. Saving your pins on multiple boards on Pinterest.

Now, we need to know — it happens due to:

a). Regular scheduling tool with lists of boards.

If you are running a business or doing a job or somehow busy. In this even, it becomes a difficult work to pin manually 15-20 times a day. There you can use scheduling multi-pins to mandate your pins-publishing that makes you consistent onboard.

b). Or, The smart-loop feature with boards set inside the loop.

2. Saving pins of other people to keep your boards active.

In this case, when, somehow, you don’t have enough pins about a particular topic to keep your board active, then 3rd-party pins come and interplay that helps to keep your board active and progress.

For this purpose, we can use ‘Tailwind Tribes’ to do it more safely. Since most pinners are legit content creators, when we take pins from 3rd-party, it can cause the chances of stolen-pins. In this case, Tailwind Tribes play a major role to avoid any spam.

Some more critical Profits of using Tailwind:

1. Juncture-utility:

Tailwind allows you to active your pins when your audience is most active. Even you live in a different time zone. Namely, it suggests to us the time when we can activate our Pinterest Pins.

For instance, if we pin according to American time, we will be unable to pin at the same time in Asia – when our audiences will be most active.

2. Saves pins with intervals:

If you use the same pins for different boards, then it can be irritating for your followers. In this case, Tailwind allows you to – save pins with intervals. That wards you off from striking along spam-illicit. Above all these, it can lead to reinstating your account.

 3. Shows repin counts on pins from other sites:

Tailwind shows quality 3rd-party pins, which you can save to your boards. Besides, it shows you the number of repins of a particular pin across Pinterest — on the left blue mark.

4. Share your pins in tribes:

It is the most important feature of tailwind, where it allows you to share your pins in tribes. In other words, your pins will be repinned — by other users who have relevant boards.

 5. Advanced Pinterest Account Analytics:

Tailwind provides an analytics account that expounds your Pinterest profile performance. For example, in native Pinterest analytics, you can only notice the latest number of followers, but Tailwind also sets out a following-graph over time. 

 3-ways to schedule pins:

  1. Schedule from your website directly
  2. Schedule pins you saved to Pinterest first.
  3. Directly upload to Tailwinds (less often).

All these you can do by going on your website and scheduling settings.

 Two important things you need to learn:

  1. Tailwind Smart loop
  2. Tailwind Tribes

What is the Tailwind Smart loop?

Tailwind rolled out this feature in 2018 in response to massive demands from users. It enables the same pin to publish on the same board over and over again. And, Tailwind recommends the smart loop for two types of content:

  1. For seasonal Pins.
  2. To reshare your old pins for new followers (once in 4-6 months!).

Tailwind Smart loop

Since the smart loop is an authorized scheduler, it shows warnings if you set pins too close to each other.

What are Tailwind Tribes?

Using Tailwind tribes, we don’t save pins to any Pinterest boards. We are just sharing our pins to different Pinterest boards under the same niche.

Tribes are better than group boards because these are the pins outside of Pinterest. Pins in group boards are on the Pinterest platform itself. And, it imposes fewer perils of repin spam.

Sometimes, it seems to be difficult to latch onto the perfect tribes for us at once. But, using analytics with various tribes corroborates — which tribe is the best for you.

That’s how Tailwind helps Pinterest users to make a great market for them. In this article, we have illustrated Tailwind’s valuable features. Knowing all these features can help a user to know ‘How to use Tailwind for Pinterest?’ that can ramp up their business on Pinterest.

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy is the student of computer science and a professional developer. He founder to work on tools and soon learn the way to help people letting them know the best tools available in the internet. Besides, he has a sleepless interest in photography and videography.

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