“Sharing is caring”, Right? So, whenever any kind of digital sharing comes, WhatsApp becomes the first option. But it’s video-sharing when we are supposed to think about it. Because WhatsApp allows limited sized video sharing. So you are hampered to go limitless. You would definitely like to break the chain, doesn’t it?

Still, Whatsapp retains the crowning position in the race of various types of communication apps. It grasps the quality of basic apps common to every smartphone. When other messenger apps were increasing, Whatsapp just proliferates its demand with its simplicity.

Here, I have tried a solution to the arising question “why can’t I send longer videos On Whatsapp?” Let’s go through this article.

Why is the WhatsApp file size limited?

The answer is Whatsapp limits video size to 16mb.

Now, almost nobody can imagine whether any app hardly fulfills the demands of Whatsapp or reach to its simplistic user-interface, clean & fresh look. This has been so popular by birth & even now in 2018, its popularity lies on the way to progress.

We use this app to greet friends, relatives, colleagues with text. Sometimes multimedia files as videos are also being sent. But in doing so you might have faced some issue of size limit. I think you have a great interest to get rid of the Whatsapp video size issue. Isn’t it? Below Whatsapp video size limit issue, how to compress video Whatsapp? are described in detail.

Coming to the main point

Since Whatsapp’s arrival, this program was not so popular but the easy interface it owned, enriches it to the stage of the bona fide member in this instant message segment.

Whatsapp’s importance increases over time with the arrival of smartphones. People like to be connected always with each other. Moreover, we like to share our favorite moments whether it be an image or video. So the necessity of free download messenger app alike Whatsapp limits its video size.

What is the video file size limit in Whatsapp?

To maintaining hassle-free service to the users, almost all of the messaging application provider puts an upper limit for each activity. Hence, the video size is limited to 16mb, slightly pushed up from the previous 12mb.

Suppose you wish to send an HD or large video file & size 100mb, generally, it crosses the limit of 16mb.

What will you do if a video file crosses the file size limit?

Whenever you have selected a large video file or if a file exceeds 16mb, Whatsapp tells you to reduce the file size. The file size is automatically set to 16mb & the timing of that video gets reduced to approximately 3min(2min 50 sec). You need to select which 3min you’ll prefer to choose & send. Whatsapp compresses that 3min of any video file to 16mb.

Whatsapp video limit 3minutes.
In this internet world, none thinks of data being the daily need as the food of smartphones likewise food retains our energy. Internet speed is a way better nowadays but Whatsapp still accommodates 16mb only. No sign of atoning be seen on behalf of this low sending limit. But the cranking users would still use Whatsapp as it is still blowing our mind away with competence.
Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

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