It is one thing to transfer an image from one device to another device via Bluetooth, wifi or wired-connection but it is quite another thing to send a picture through Whatsapp. Ain’t it? The answer is yes.

we need to consider the image quality because of Whatsapp’s instant file sharing method. It is evitable also that Whatsapp can’t avoid this supersonic speed. This is the question uppermost in the mind of every Whatsapp users how to get rid of sending or receiving low-quality images send via Whatsapp?

Whoever doesn’t know that Whatsapp crowns the top position as a social media app. In the digital market, file sharing too is paving the way into the daily undergoing load of chatting. The problem persists with the quality of the image. What we send & what the receiver gets. Whatsapp cuts down the resolution. Low sized & low-quality image disheartens us. The size reduction ratio is one-third of actual quality. Suppose you send an image of 100kb, the receiver gonna get it as a 30kb output.

But here, if you put some extra effort, the problem of low-quality photo output vanishes. Only change the sending method from photo to Document.

So less tension & enjoy on. Have a small look over its pros & cons.


  1. You can send high-resolution professional pictures.
  2. No quality compromisation,
  3. No time delay.
  4. No requirement of installing extra file transferring app.
  5. No wired connection like data cable & pc is needed.
  6. Completely free to use.
  7. Email attachment falls back.
  8. Completely hassle-free.


  1. The limit is 100mb.
  2. No offline support.

There are two methods, you can use to push forward your image or get an image on Whatsapp. At the same time keep them intact.

Method 1.

Release an image or images as Doc file. This is the key solution to the long-standing problem.

Simply tap on the attachment button & add an image from the gallery. Isn’t it the traditional manner we are still following for sharing a picture with other mates om Whatsapp?

So, now good-bye this primitive procedure. The solution lurks in the app & let’s guide you.

Open up any chat > Click on ‘attachment‘ icon > Document.

Click on ‘Document‘.

Now you have landed upon Doc/file manager. Here, Click on ‘browse other docs‘ > Click on the three vertical lines at the top. > select ‘image‘/recent‘.

select the image, you want to send > send.

If you want to send multiple images, mark them by long-press & send.

Now, you are done & the recipient will get the full-sized image.

Method 2

Here comes the next method. We thought this would be another jolly process to complete the task at ease. However, the previous process was much easier. This fits for sending multiple images at a time. No need to stay confused & search here & there in the ocean of photos in your gallery. While selecting any pic, simply bind them in a zip file.

Send the zipped file using the Doc system pr
Tap on the zipped file > share > select Whatsapp > to your desired contact.

Some questions to answer.

1. Does Whatsapp really lower image quality & why?

Whatsapp dos this to keep their server fast & lag-free. As all of you know that Whatsapp is used by billions of people Globally. No visible difference is seen.

In our early content, we have discussed why Whatsapp lowers image & video quality.

Whenever there is any kind of sharing on our phone, the first choice is Whatsapp. Actually, it is simplicity & quickness we prefer. At a blink, files are sent. To be honest, hardly you’ll find an app to perform with the thunder-bolt speed. This mechanism makes us fall in love with the popular social networking app.

If there is an app comparable to Whatsapp or better, don’t forget to mention the name in the comment section.

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy is the student of computer science and a professional developer. He founder to work on tools and soon learn the way to help people letting them know the best tools available in the internet. Besides, he has a sleepless interest in photography and videography.

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