Fabulous news, Apple Watch is now compatible with WhatsApp. Yes, you heard right! Now you can receive all notifications and can send the messages via your Apple Watch.

That means, you no need to look up the phone every time for all your important reports and messages that are posted on your WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp  Messenger is the most widely used by the youth today. Through this platform, you can share messages, images, videos, and many more on android phones.

Now, the trend has shifted to the smart Apple Watch too. Individuals using Apple Watch can now afford minimal features such as receiving and sending a text on WhatsApp’s main screen.

How to enable WhatsApp notification on Apple Watch?

WhatsApp does not embrace any official app for Apple Watch. Therefore, you make a quick response to notifications and messages only. You require some adjustments in your watch settings for using WhatsApp.

  • On your phone, open ‘settings’.
  • Go to the ‘notification’.

  • Slowly scroll down and select ‘WhatsApp’.

  • Now click on the ‘Allow Notification’ toggle switch.
  • Select the Show on the Notification Center and Show on the Lock Screen.

Now, the settings are enabled, configure your Apple Watch to mirror notification to receive an alert from WhatsApp.

  • Open the watch app,
  • Go to the ‘notification’.

  • Scroll down and click on WhatsApp.
  • Now ‘activate’ the notification button.

That’s all, enjoy receiving all your WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch.

Try Another way

There is another way of accessing WhatsApp on your wrist is through the Chatify app. Chatify for WhatsApp on the Apple Watch can be used to receive WhatsApp messages, can view chat images too. Also, listen to voice messages, an added feature of viewing emoji’s, and stickers, view the contacts are writing back.

To set up this application, you need to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone appropriately and log in to WhatsApp on your iPhone.

  • Download Charity for WhatsApp from App Store.
  • Now open your Apple Watch. You can view a QR code to scan using WhatsApp.
  • On WhatsApp on iPhone, go the setting > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan QR Code.
  • With the iPhone camera, scan QR displayed in the Apple Watch.
  • Now view messages on your Apple Watch and enjoy replying straight from your wrist.

As you tend to have limited WhatsApp features on your watch, you can’t start writing a fresh message, use voice messages. You can choose a list of reply options such as hello, busy, on the way, what’s up, catch you later.

Apple Watch is considerest as the fanciest and sought-after gadget. Many features provided are in your Apple watch. It consists of, fitness tracking app, Apple Pay, on-board apps such as calendars, maps, music, photos,  and the list goes on. The sleek appearance of the Apple Watch makes it the coolest Watch you ever desire for.  Accessing WhatsApp features on your wrist like icing on the cake.

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy is the student of computer science and a professional developer. He founder Qitwire.com to work on tools and soon learn the way to help people letting them know the best tools available in the internet. Besides, he has a sleepless interest in photography and videography.

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