Over the years WhatsApp grew as one of the popular messaging apps. With app developers appending new features, it is becoming an indomitable force.

Whatsapp has more than a billion users globally. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp.

To reach out to an unknown person you need to save his number first. Then you have to wait for WhatsApp sync till the new contact shows up inside the application.

You may receive a call from an unknown number. The person may ask you to send details to a particular number that’s not cached in your contact list. 

How can you do that? Is there a way to text someone who is not in your contact list?

How to send a WhatsApp text without saving the phone number?

To solve this problem, we will show you how to send WhatsApp messages to someone without having to save a number.

It does not need you to install third-party apps, which can get your account hacked. This can be complicated, but it works on both Android and iOS Systems.

Try Using WhatsApp’s wa.me links

WhatsApp lets you message an unknown number. 
As mentioned in the FAQ section, you can start chatting with an unknown number by opening a web browser. (like Chrome or Firefox or Samsung browser).

Then you need to click on this link –https://wa.me/phonenumber.Then substitute the last part with the phone number, with the country and regional code.
But you can’t add any one of these. + or –or () or ()().

Likewise, if you want to text someone with the number 234-568-8700, you will go to the URL –https://wa.me/12345688700.

As you type in the URL, you will get a webpage with a green “Message” icon. Clicking on it opens a chat window with that phone number in WhatsApp.

Use an app to speed things up

If you find the above method complicated, you can use an app to speed things up. This is a simpler and faster method.

Enter a phone number, tap a button, and you will get redirected to a newly-created chat in WhatsApp. 
Among these applications, “Click to chat” is the lightest one. It gives you an ad-free experience and doesn’t need any permission to talk about it. “Easy Message” is a good alternative. It’s ad-free and with fewer permissions.


1. Download “Click to chat” from the play store.

Download "Click to chat" from the play store2. This App interface will open like this.

Click to open app interface

3. Now put the information on the phone number. A country code is necessary & then a phone number > Open.

4. The targeted account will open like this. Now, you can contact the person easily.

Simplest and Fastest Method to message an unknown number on WhatsApp

This one is lesser-known of the lot, but it’s fastest and best integrated. Currently, this works on Android OS.

To send quick messages to unsaved numbers, type the number on your smartphone’s keypad. You need to enter the country code and append a plus sign before it like +911234568860.

Once you select a number, you will get several options about what you to do with the selected number. You will find options like Call, Cut, Copy, and Paste.

You can further explore the drop-down buttons below the above-mentioned options. You will be able to see a bunch of third-party messaging options.

You will find more options including sending a WhatsApp text. Tap on that and start chatting on the social media app.

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