Shutterstock video footages (HD, 4K) are actually used to produce a high-quality videos clip either for YouTube or any other social media platform. Over 19 million video clips, one of the largest video storage ever always attracts users. But, getting rid of the watermark for shortest videos are the most challenging thing that everybody looks for on the Shutterstock. Even, I as a tech activist suggest not go with a watermarked video & that really looks unprofessional.
Now in this article, I am going to share with you the perfect ways that actually work to remove the watermark from any shutter stock videos in your list and this article will provide you with a step-by-step proceeding to understand either it’s possible to download those watermark-free Shutterstock videos legally from the website. Let’s get started with our first method for downloading Shutterstock videos without a watermark. 

Things to be covered in this article

  • Overview
  • Why Shutterstock Video footages are not free?
  • The genuine way
  • Removing watermark with the help of some free Apps
  • Wrapping up

Why Shutterstock Video Footages are not free?

Unlike other free Video storages, Shutterstock company tellingly tops the list. The energy & effort required can’t be free to world-class quality giving. Its clips are interesting because there is an underlying cost to the production & never go unpaid. In this regard, this company doesn’t provide a free license rather a paid one.

The genuine way

The most common and easy way to download the Shutterstock videos without Watermark is to take video subscription packages and start downloading videos in a legal way. But, their video subscription packages are too expensive, and not every person could afford their packages. And if you go with the demand buying option you will be charged a very high cost for a couple of seconds.
Here, I am going to mention some video subscription packages prices for you and we will also compare the cost of subscription and demand buying option. So don’t miss it.

➢ Monthly Subscription:

So, if you go with the monthly video subscription package then you will be charged about 159$/month and you can download 10 clips/month that means you will be charged 15.9$/clip and if you want to go with the 20 clips/month then you have to take subscription of 199$ that means you will be charged 19.9$/clip in a month.
But, you need to also stick with their annual commitment if you wanted to go with these subscription packages. They will also provide you with a standard license for the footage.

➢ 5 Pack Subscription:

If you go with the demand purchasing of videos. For 5 SD footage, you have to pay 299$, that means you have to pay 59.80/clip, for 5 HD footage you have to pay 359$, that means you have to pay 71.80$/clip and for 5 4K footage you have to pay 599$, that means you to pay 119.80$/clip.
Now, I hope you will get the idea of their subscription packages and their demand for buying prices.
That’s why so many people try illegal ways to download stock videos but they still cant get rid of those watermarks perfectly. Later on, In this article, I will tell you how these people are trying to get rid of the watermark. Are they really getting successful in doing this process?

Removing watermark with the help of some free Apps

As we saw above, the subscription packages are too expensive, and not so many people could afford these subscriptions. So many people out there trying to complete their work in an illegal way and some of them get success. But, how they do this? Are they use any kind of downloading tool or something?
The answers to your questions are ‘No’. There isn’t any kind of downloading tool for Shutterstock which is going to remove the watermark from the videos during downloading. You need to do it manually once the video gets downloaded. For doing this, there are 100th of apps on the Google play store.
One of the most popular apps among them is “Remove & Add Watermark”. You can easily download this app from Google play store and remove the watermark in just a couple of seconds. Here, I m going to guide you, how you can do this step by step.
Follow the orange boxes given in the pic. Down below I am going to explain every step.
Step-1 Go to play store and search” Remove & Add Watermark”.(Download and install the app then open it)
Step-2 Tap on “Select Video”.
Step-3 Tap on “Remove watermark”.
Step-4 choose the location of the video and select it.
Step-5  Place the given “marking box over the watermark”.
Step-6 Resize the box according to watermark size and tap on “save”.
And you are done, your watermark will get removed. Here a question might arise in your mind if this process removes watermark of any video clip for free? Else, Can I use this app as a video remover tool?
The answer to a similar question is yes. Without any further delay, go for removing the unwanted watermark from any types of videos even when it’s not from Shutterstock.
Note: It will be not as effective as much as you want.

▷▶ Wrapping up ◀◁

So, as you can see there is not any effective way to remove the watermark from Shutterstock footage which is illegally downloaded from the site. Yes, but you can try these methods to do it. But it will be going to leave the blur effect in the video.
The best way to this, just take the monthly subscription and download it legally with a license. It will also show the professionalism to your videos.
Thank you for reading this blog.
Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy is the student of computer science and a professional developer. He founder to work on tools and soon learn the way to help people letting them know the best tools available in the internet. Besides, he has a sleepless interest in photography and videography.

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