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While I was looking for the HD professional images that I can use for my business and what I found was Shutterstock.

To download free Shutterstock images without watermark, just register here on Shutterstock, it’s free. Then search the photos you want to download royalty-free and click on download.

Need more than 10 images? Then just repeat this process. Here is what this guide is all about.

Actually, Shutterstock is the No. 1 stock photography website that stores more than 100 million images and all of them are not free.

That is why people search for free Shutterstock images that they can use for their purposes but you should know that Shutterstock gives the strike to those images which are not licensed.

That means you have to license Shutterstock images before you can use it on your website for professional purposes.

So how can you do this?

Finally, you will learn the best way that actually helps to download Shutterstock images without watermark for absolutely free and you will be able to use it for your personal use without any copyright strike.

Are the Images Good for professional uses?

The main cause of Shutterstock images is professional with the strength of image processing tools or software. so that is the reason to bring you the free HD images true Shutterstock website. It is the fade image platform in the market.

But still, you wish to use the stock photos? The only way is to register your account and download the images with watermark credit.

Working with Shutterstock is easy after opening any image click on edit all the editing functions underneath with a lot of design.

Is not it cool?

However, these features are attributed to the business. A lot of creators earn on it, so they can’t allow you to access their content without their consent. You can carry their images around on your blog, business, or any design purpose only when you give a small amount of dollar USD 29 first off it will add a more professional look to your creativity.


Why Does Shutterstock not Provide Free Images?

Shutterstock does provide free images, it’s limited. It does have a few plans & pricing but I am here to tell you that you don’t need to pay for this. There is a legal way.

The plans come with the free editing tool provided by the Shutterstock.

Still, if your requirement is very low and you want it to be free then his article might help you to download Shutterstock images without watermark.

Yes, you can use this type of image for marketing, website logo & others.

Using Shutterstock or downloading images on Shutterstock is not free as the professional photographers make money on the basis of it. This is why the Shutterstock getting updated regularly.


Methods to Download HD Shutterstock images

Many ways that you can use to download Shutterstock images are the alternatives to Shutterstock.

You can choose legal ways that also give you the free HD images from the uploader who uploaded on Shutterstock.

1. Get 10 FREE images on Shutterstock

Shutterstock would not provide you with all image for free, but with the free trial gives you the chance to select and download any 10 images as per your choice. That’s great…right?

Most US people use Shutterstock as a paid image store-house also they take it as a job too. When you open to the website, you can see Shutterstock free trial for one month and get 10 images free.

Moreover, access the free trial and see the magic Singh mood advanced. Within the sea of images in the 1 free vector images and free photo, every week they will provide you with some extra juice.

These differences are bundled together for better user experience as we are always ready to pick the free ones.

Shutterstock image free trial guidelines: A Case Study

Our test performance tells you that you can jump anytime for 1-month free trial Shutterstock images. Any types of 10 photos including vector or stock images are free in order to ensure the standard.  grab the subscription by using promo code PIC10FREE at the checkout.

2. Using Third-party Websites

If you planning to download Shutterstock images without watermark through a third party website like,, and others then the reality is totally different, Amazing.

Your question might be: should I use these online tools?

Websites actually provide the licensed images which are downloaded and used in other websites in form of stock photos and only the matched images are displayed to these third-party tools, which means you cannot download all of your images through this Shutterstock downloader.

So better you choose the Shutterstock free trial or other alternative stock photos websites that are as useful as Shutterstock and quality will be totally in HD.

3. Downloading Shutterstock HD images from Google

As you know the Google’s job is to scroll every page present on the website.

That is why the stock images you are looking for can also be found on Google image search results.

Many of those are Shutterstock stock images actually most of the images. Stock images that Google crawler caches and list out in that search result that you can use for the same purpose to use it professionally.

Just you have to select the free license to images that are eligible to use for your professional purpose.

You can use the images with slight changes that withdraw the ability from DMCA copyright restrictions.

Now what you have to do just go to Google and search for: Shutterstock free stock images ‘image type’.

Here in the ‘image type’, you have to put the images you want to search i.e. cats, dogs, etc.

Now once you get the list of images make sure you have selected the ‘licensed & free to use’ category to save it on your desktop.

Believe me, these images are completely free and you can use it for your professional purposes, there are no copyright restrictions on those photos.

4. Getting Shutterstock stock photos from Facebook

If you don’t know the Facebook advertisement comes with the free Shutterstock stock images for the advertisement banners.

That means, if you search on Facebook the search term, you will get all of the stock images that are actually from Shutterstock and licensed images.

Remember that, you are getting the images from Facebook which is a free content platform and there will be no issue if you collect the images from your Facebook Panel.

Just go to Facebook Page > Choose a post > Click on Boost post> Select images for advertisement banner.

Note that this is an absolute legal method that you can use to download HD quality images from Shutterstock and without any watermark.

The Bottom Lines:

Finally, I want to say that if you want to download Shutterstock images, first of all, be cautious from getting a copyright strike from Shutterstock. So, if you are going to use free stock images that are actually from Shutterstock, choose wisely and follow the methods that suit your need.

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Debojyoti Roy

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