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Are you targetting to getting into your desired community like Cricket or hacking through WhatsApp? Yes, this very much possible. Through this article, we are going to share with you the most popular and active WhatsApp groups which include every category.

You, know that WhatsApp is a commonly used messaging app since 2009 and grew popular Over the days. Having 450 million users on average and almost everyone is involved in any group. So, the demand raises with the wish for involving in the Group-category you want and have some chit-chat with the groupmates.

Doesn’t it feel fresh? Still, it is a messaging app that facilitates users to chat, call, or share media with individuals or groups.

Users can send messages or make calls via mobile and desktops apps. Part of it that makes this app appealing and robust –is that it works on all systems and phones. WhatsApp combines the benefits of WiFi and cellular data to make individual or group calls.

WhatsApp groups that you can join

Hackers WhatsApp Groups

Hacker's whatsapp group

You will get to know the latest hacking techniques from these WhatsApp groups. So whoever is interested in hacking can connect these groups.

It is the right place to understand and get familiarized with the new methods and techniques involved in ethical hacking. You can easily join these groups to take part in ethical hacking related discussions.

You will get like-minded people here. You will find hackers worldwide including Russian hackers.

Keep in mind that you need to follow the WhatsApp Group rules else you will be dismissed from the group.

Hacker WhatsApp Group Joining Rules

  • Avoid individual chats within the group.
  • Don’t share inappropriate forwarded audio, video, or images.
  • Conflicting comments on religions, castes or political parties are not allowed.
  • Don’t spam in the group.

Group Links

Click on the links provided below to join these WhatsApp groups.




Cricket WhatsApp Groups

Cricket's whatsapp group

Be it Test Matches, One-Day Internationals, or 20-20 IPL matches, cricket has always the craze in every country. Cricbuzz is even higher during the IPL seasons.

Last year, about 10 million people were actively involved, either following live matches on Hotstar VIP or watching live scores on Cricbuzz.

You might be seeking Cricket WhatsApp links out for “T20 Matches” or IPL WhatsApp Group Links. People might be interested in Group Links of their favorite cricketers.

That’s why we have listed WhatsApp Group Links that will provide you with predictions, score updates, discussions, and even gaming. These include the IPL WhatsApp groups for IPL lovers as well.

 So let’s take a glimpse at the list of the Cricket WhatsApp Groups.

Cricket Discussion🏏



Web Development WhatsApp Group Link

Web developer's whatsapp group

There are WhatsApp groups developing and help in developing websites. They will charge a reasonable amount to create a new domain and you can even get free service for 1 year.

Web Development WhatsApp Group is the right place to land it comes to developing a business portal, or websites. It provides affordable solutions to small entrepreneurs to big retailers.

If you are into Web development, you can join these groups and make online money from freelancing. Here you will get all kinds of active web developer groups.

Before joining these groups make sure that you have read all the group rules.

Web Developers Group Rules

  1. If you face any problem with the web developers group, then contact the admin.
  2. You are not allowed to share your details in the group.
  3. Don’t spam in the group.

Click on the links provided below to join these WhatsApp groups.

Website developer

Ludo king money💵 war 💰🥇

Learn website design

Movies WhatsApp Group

Movie Whatsapp group list

Movies are an integral part of our lives. This amazing piece of art has influenced us. We can’t imagine lives without entertainment.

Movies entertain everyone regardless of age, gender, and factors like race and language. Unlike any other creative art, movies can stir the emotions of the viewers. 

Are you interested in Indian movies Or Hollywood? We have got you covered. 

This article will provide you with a list of movies Whatsapp Group links. This will help you to stay updated on all the latest movies.

Are you looking for Tamil movies, Odia movies, or Telugu movies? You will find all the WhatsApp Group Links listed on this post.

These WhatsApp groups are amazing. They will help you to get connected with people having similar interests. If you prefer Hollywood Movies or want to know about actors/actresses –we have included that as well.

All links Movies

Bollywood N Glamour

Movie lovers


Shopping WhatsApp Groups


Online shopping plays a paramount role in today’s society. We can make our lives convenient and comfortable using the Internet.

These favors the growth of online purchases via phones and other electronic devices.

Over the years WhatsApp has become a popular messaging app for sharing ideas, images videos, and so on.

Companies have established an idea for sharing offers, shopping coupons via WhatsApp to consumers.

It would be easier for you to find all the deals and offers listed on a simple WhatsApp Group Links,

Interested people can join these groups for getting instant messages on marketing strategies.

These will introduce you to options for clothing, electronic appliances, and healthcare products.

The list doesn’t only cover the online stores but includes the offers from offline brand stores as well.

Group Links.

Only for earning


Shopping 🛒 offers 🛍

Loot world

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