Shutterstock and Adobe Stock both are global providers of high-quality images, videos, and music on the internet. Both websites offer an individual to sell and buying options for photos and videos. You can explore millions of high-quality images, graphics, videos 3D assets collection. Both the website follow a similar subscription model. An individual can take monthly subscription and download assets as their per requirement. The number of assets you can download in a month depends upon subscription packages.

An individual can also buy photos without taking subscriptions but they have to pay more than the subscription price. This option available in both the sites.

So, In the above, we aired about their business model and about their subscription but you can also sell your photos on these sites. Both sites give you a commission when any subscriber downloads your images form these sites. But the question arises which one is the best for your profit? Which one gives you more commission. So, in this article, we are going to compare both the sites to have better gain for our readers. And we will also see which one is convenient to sell your photos online.

Things to be covered in this article.

  • Overview.
  • Account Creation.
  • Purchasing OptionCommission rates.
  • Payment Methods.
  •  Is Adobe stock really better than Shutterstock?
  • Wrapping Up.

Account Creation (Adobe Stock rocks here)

So, for getting started with these sites we have to make an account first. Account creation is easy on both the sites but at the time of publishing your photos, Shutterstock requires your passport as their per policy.

But whereas the Adobe stock doesn’t require any type of these complex processes you can easily sell your photos through your Adobe ID.

But this is not as easy as you think your photos will go for the reviewing process. So getting on conclusion on account creation Adobe stock has a simpler process. Now, let’s talk about their buying option.

Purchasing options (Nothing is free now)

As I told you above that both the websites use a subscription model to run their business. An individual can simply buy a subscription and download assets according to their subscription packages. It is very important to have knowledge of buying options for an individual who is willing to sell their photos to these sites.

The cheapest subscription package by Adobe stock is 29.99$/month where an individual can download 10 contents(assets)  in a month nearly 3$/per asset. Adobe stock also provides you buying option an individual can directly purchase the photos videos without taking any subscription. But its cost is a bit higher than the subscription one like on Adobe stock an individual can buy an asset without taking a subscription In 79.99$. This seems to very higher cost. But buying option provides you extended license whereas the subscription one gives you a standard license.

On the other hand, if we talk about shutter stock they cost 29$/month for their lowest subscription package but you have to commit to their website for 1 year otherwise they will cost you 49$/month. They also provide a demand buy option in which an individual has to pay 129$ for an asset which is a quiet bit higher and non-profitable deal but they give you an enhanced license In demand buy option whereas in subscription one they give you a standard license.

Commission Rates (Photographers’ point)

Adobe stocks give you 33% commission to seller on photos and 35% on videos on each download.  i.e when any photo gets download from the seller profile they get 0.99$ per download. And if the consumer buys the asset they pay you 26$ per asset. Which is quite good in profit?

On the other hand, if we talk about Shutterstock they have lower commission rates, and the seller commission rates are determined on the basis of their lifetime earning on Shutterstock. But as if you are a new seller on Shutterstock you will get a 20% commission for each one.

Here is the table where you will get the idea of percentage commission on Shutterstock on the basis of their lifetime earning.


Your lifetime earning Percentage of commission
0-500$ 20%
500-3000$ 25%
3000-10000$ 28%
10000+ $ 30%

Payment methods

Now, let’s have look at their payment methods. So, if we talk about Adobe stock they take the payment through PayPal, Skrills.

If we talk about Shutterstock they have more payment options like PayPal, Skrills, Payoneer, and bank cheque.

 Is Adobe stock really better than Shutterstock?

apparently, the homogenous stock photo storages are incompatible with each other. in a nutshell their sap thrives with the bulky quality and quantity they provide us beyond their contributor.

beyond all doubts, Adobe stocks maneuver could easily bring down Shutterstock with the time and has almost done. show me as a folk browse Adobe stock website for better results.

Wrapping up

So, we saw both the sites have similar ways to sell their photos and videos and have quite bit up-down commission rates but as you see Adobe stock has better commission rates than Shutterstock in the view of profit. But in my opinion, Shutterstock is a good platform for new contributors because still adobe stock is in growing phase and Shutterstock provides more ranges on the global scale and your photos have a high probability to be sold quickly on Shutterstock. But the choice is yours as always because both sites providing good services in their own way.

Thank you for giving your precious time to this article. Have a nice day!! ☺

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

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