Today we are going to describe the detailed comparison between Shutterstock and a newly founded site Envato. Envato is well known for its rapid improvement.

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  • Commission Rates
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  • Payment Methods
  • Conclusion

Shutterstock Vs. Envato: What they actually Provide besides Stock Photography.

There are few similarities between Shutterstock and Envato, they both provide users high-quality images, videos, graphics, 3D assets collection as well as music. Music is the newbie in Shutterstock’s platform. Shutterstock provides the music platform for sharing royalty-free music all over the world. Shutterstock did this with the partnership of “Premiumbeat“.

But sharing images, graphics, videos, as well as music cannot stop Envato. They also provide scripts, plugins, web designs, code for platform and operating systems like WordPress, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript etc. They even not stop themself after providing products. They also had Psdtuts+, a tutorial website, and freelance Switch, a blog on freelancing. But this is not our topic. Here we only talk about their providing product.

Stock Comparison

Whereas Envato is new in the market. So it has fewer customers and fewer items. In the year 2018, Envato had over 1.5 million active buyers and over 5 million items for sale. But because of its item variation (from images to coding all are under the one roof), the numbers of its contributors are much higher than Shutterstock contributors.

However, Shutterstock has 2 million active buyers and the most important thing in Shutterstock is its huge amount of products. This company has more than 225 million images and over 30 million video clips.

Both websites Shutterstock and Envato best in their own field. But the question arises, Which is the best for your profit? Which one gives you more commission? And from where you can get the best images at a low price?  Is it Shutterstock or Envato? So in this content, we are going to compare both the websites for your better profit. And the detailed comparison is given below.

Account Creation

Before selling your photos to these sites, first, we have to sign up and create an account. Account creation is an easy step on both sites.

But at few times Shutterstock requires users’ passport as per their policy. This policy is not for every user. This is only for international purposes. Although this seems to be a complex move for users because not every user could provide a passport at that time.

On the other hand, creating an Envato account is easy. A single user name and password works fine for all of the Envato marketing sites like —
  • AudioJungle
  • Themeforest
  • Videohive
  • Graphicriver
  • 3d ocean
  • Codecanyon
  • Photodune
  • And others

From the above discussion, you know that the account creation of Envato is slightly easier than creating an account on Shutterstock. But still, it depends if your photos are approved or not.

Subscription package

Everyone knows that these websites have an affordable subscription package. Every user has to buy a subscription package if they want to get assets. So, it is very necessary to know the actual price of these packages or plans. Envato and Shutterstock both have completely different subscription packages. Here, we will describe the packages of both sites.

Both websites’ subscription packages are divided into two parts. First of all, we will talk about Envato. Their plans are divided into two different categories. One is the Individual plan and the other one is the teams’ plan.
  • Individual Plan

Envato’s individual plan is started at 16.50$/month. If you did not like their assets then you can easily cancel your subscription package.

  • Team Plan

The most affordable plan in Envato is their team-based subscription plan. The total plan is given below.

The team saves up to 35% in Envato. But you have to put one Central location for all downloads.

Team members Budget
2 members 14.50$/month per member
3 members 12.42$/month per member
4 members 11.38$/month per member
5 members 10.75$/month per member

On other hand Shutterstock provides you 49 US$/month subscription package with 10 images, it will also provide you 125 US$/month with 50 images, 199 US$/month for 350 images as well as 229 US$/month for 750 images.

From here, you can easily choose any subscription plan at your convenience and their another category is the demand buy option in which an individual has to pay 129$ for an asset which is a quiet bit higher and non-profitable deal but they give you an enhanced license In demand buy option whereas in subscription one they give you standard license.

Commission rates

Now we are going to explain the commission rates Envato and Shutterstock.

Envato’s Part:

In my opinion, Envato’s commission rate is quite a bit complex and non-profitable. As an author, you have to pay Envato’s “Author Fee”  on their item price, when the item sells. The “Author Fee”  starts from 55 % for non-exclusive and 12.5% to 37.5% for exclusive products.

And, there is also a “Buyer Fee” which is not fixed for every purchase. And contributors will not get any kind of commission from this “Buyer Fee”. We will try to make you understand about the commission process of Envato, by an easy example. Suppose you fixed the price of your item at 18$ and your “Buyer Fee” is 2$. Then your item’s purchase price will be 20$.

Again, if the item is an exclusive one then your commission will be 12.5$ (20$-37.5%=12.5$). Or, if your item is a non-exclusive item then your commission will be 9$(20$-55%=9$).

Depending on whether it is exclusive or non-exclusive, there will be a difference in “Buyer Fee” as well as the purchasing price. We built the above example just to make your sense. It will help you to understand the commission rates of Envato.

Shutterstock’s Part:

on the other hand, if we talk about Shutterstock, they have profitable commission rates and the seller’s commission rates are determined on the basis of their lifetime earning on Shutterstock. But as if you are a new seller on Shutterstock you will get a 15% commission for each one.

Now we are trying to explain very easily to you, through a table which is given below:

Earnings breakdown for photos, illustration, and vectors

Images levels Number of images licensed this calendar year (2020) Your earn
Level 1 Up to 100 15%
Level 2 Up to 250 20%
Level 3 Up to 500 25%
Level 4 Up to 2500 30%
Level 5 2501 to 25000 35%
Level 6 Over 25000 40%

Earnings breakdown for videos

Video levels Numbers of video licensed this calendar year(2020) You earn
Level 1 Up to 10 15%
Level 2 11 to 50 20%
Level 3 51 to 250 25%
Level 4 251 to 5000 30%
Level 5 5001 to 25000 35%
Level 6 Over 25000 40%

Marketing Sites

Shutterstock and Envato both have several marketing sites. These are listed below:

Marketing Sites of Shutterstock The portrayal of this site Marketing Sites of Envato The portrayal of this site
Shutterstock Select A premium collection of royalty-free videos, all captured by industry professionals using cinema-grade cameras and selected by Shutterstock expert curators. VideoHive A marketplace for motion graphics, stock footage and video files.
Shutterstock Custom A complimentary offering on Shutterstock’s creative platform that fulfills marketers’ needs to scale unique branded content including photos, video clips, GIFs, cinematographs and 360°video content. PhotoDune A stock photography marketplace.
Shutterstock Editorial It includes Rex Features and provides editorial imagery, such as entertainment, sports and news. GraphicsRiver A market place for stock graphics.
Shutterstock Music Thousands of hand-picked audio tracks and sound effects at affordable prices. AudioJungle A market place for stock music and audio.
in addition to the above, Shutterstock and Envato, both have more marketing sites. Like…
Shutterstock’s marketing sites Envato’s marketing sites
1. Bigstock
2. Offset
3. SuperiorSearch
4. Application Programming Interface(API)
5. ShowCase
6. Editor and Editor pro
1. EnvatoPSDtuts+
2. FreelanceSwitch
3. ThemeForest
4. CodeCanyon
5. 3D Ocean
6. EnvatoStudio

Payment Methods

Let’s have a look at their payment methods. Envato offers three payment methods which are PayPal, Skrills and credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Among these, Skrills is only for non-US customers.

And if we talk about Shutterstock, they have more payment options like PayPal, Skrills, Pioneer, as well as bank check. There are no currency exchange fees.


From the above discussion, we have noticed that both sites had different account creation, subscription package, commission rates as well as a marketing platform. They are the best in their own position. You could choose any of them according to your convenience.

Author’s Pick!

My understanding glorifies Shutterstock as better than Envato for newbies, who want to sell their assets and because of Envato’s commission rates also.

But those who want to buy products from it, they will get more profit because of the variety of products from both Sites.
Debojyoti Roy

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