Whenever we become unable to copy important paragraphs from me a website don’t we feel disarmed? do you know why this happens? it is the right click disabled feature, done from the developer’s end the texts are copyright protected.

on the other hand copying text from a website or blog is not a matter of fact but as the day passes, the developers’ algorithms are coming out to be smarter and advanced to play a profit-only game. hence the permission over simply ‘ select text and copy'(Ctrl+c) are fading away & often restrictions appear.

What can we do now? 

You can believe me that people don’t show gratitude by showing the actual link. However, it is their personal matter to make others know where they got the article from, rather they do copy the important portion of the article & paste it for their self-promotion.
This mostly occurs with the sites related to
  1. trending topics
  2. controversial news
  3. Tutorial notes
  4. students assignments
  5. Banking sector
  6. cyber cell
At this point, you can say that the bloggers have found their developer aided feature under the  JavaScript.

1. Disable JavaScript

Firstly, that this is not any plugin-based or coding-based feature. this is a very special method to continue with disabled JavaScript. Almost all the browsers have this program, especially you can use the Chrome browser.
To turn it on, follow the direction:
settingadvanced setting( at the bottom) >  content settingJavaScript > now turn it off.

2. page resource.

Make it know that is completely code-based. Unlike the previous option, it is simply a one-click procedure. however, all the sites are written & created in HTML format. So you are going to get the process working. 
No need to be confused because it is very simple. Just land on the page and follow the process hereafter. now right-click > view page resource or directly enter > Ctrl+u.
Now it will open all the coding, including the text. Here, find out the important portion, you were not being able to copy. press Ctrl+f and put words the words to reach your desired paragraph and do copy and paste wherever you want at your heart’s content. 
Note: this procedure is a bit troublesome if you face coding for the first time ever.

3.  Use plugin :

Here comes our most favorite plugin or extension. If you are not a professional user, no problem at all. it runs smoothly in the Chrome browser. So you can easily understand that the Chrome Browser is needed to make it happen. When you feel that horse trainer to some extent, you can swiftly have a sigh of relief particular to use this particular option, also smart indeed. use this plugin for highly secured websites like banking sectors, news channels, etc.
add the right to copy to your extension list.  

Click on menu button > more tools > extensions(open chrome web store).

Search‘righttocopy’ > add it to your extension list of the Chrome browser. or You may use this link to directly download the Right to copy.

4. Google cache service.

Sounding odd right? This feature is provided by Google. you will get to use this feature if your site is submitted or connected to Google cache service.
simply change the URL of the domain i.e. replace ‘https’ or ‘HTTP’ with ‘cache’. Example (cache://demo.com/xxxx/xxx-xx)
now press ctrl+ p to print the page or download and save it as PDF For future and further use.

5. Copy unselectable text on Mac.

You know that Apple is organized for the utmost user security & iOS is familiar for its reliability. And, the most important part is that Apple doesn’t give much space for any 3rd party app. But you are still an optimist to copy unselectable text, Right?
The opportunity comes out with ‘Xcode’. Install it now on your Apple device. Make sure that your Mac OS is xv10.4 or above. This tool allows you to copy text whenever it is placed in your PC page or the page you browse. All you need is to turn on this feature of the Accessibility Inspector. 
Go to Developer > Application > Utilities > Accessibility tool.

Take your mouse pointer on the text to select & copy.

Hey, you can paste it wherever you want. Now you can hurry & no apps required indeed.

6. A Surprising app

This is last but not the least & the procedure is done through an app called ‘universal copy‘. Now come out of the conventional procedure of long select & copy. Moreover, there is a lot of text copy applications running in the market but this one comes really handy. Over 1 billion downloads in the Google Play store retain our trust.

To tell precisely, this app is made especially for the bloggers, YouTubers. You all know that we, the bloggers are liable to our viewers & we need to work according to the demand for them. Many a time we have had to showcase the viewer’s demand, we get generally in the social network, Fb, Twitter, Gmail & in the comment section. Surprisingly this app cut shorts our action.

Procedure: Open Universal copy & leave it running in the background > Reach to the spot, you want to copy > scroll down the notification bar > easily select the lines or words to copy bydouble-tapping. 

It’ll automatically save to the phone’s clipboard.
Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy is the student of computer science and a professional developer. He founder Qitwire.com to work on tools and soon learn the way to help people letting them know the best tools available in the internet. Besides, he has a sleepless interest in photography and videography.

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