Have you been fed up by trying out different platforms for promoting your brands or products — and got no profit?

Then, you must brood over Pinterest as a genuine platform for brand promotion, with over 400 million users. It is a robust network of users that set out various ideas and inspirations out of their interests. Most importantly, Pinterest puts to use different pins that construe the users’ intended idea.

Moreover, these pins comprise an image for implying the brand’s appearance and some essential details. With this backdrop, Pinterest pulls off hefty traffic and sales. Hence, this article is going to be crucial for you, my dear readers.

In this article, I will help you to illustrate ‘how to use Pinterest buyable pins to increase your sales?

First, need to come across some key points-

  • If you are cunningly looking for a stable way to rake in online sales — Pinterest is a proficient way. Pinterest nestles over 400 million users.
  • In other words, a user can market among 400 million costumers that can ramp up your sales, for sure.
  • Users make deals on Pinterest are steeply open to investing much money than any other social media platform. At this platform, they pay $45-55, on an average order.
  • In recent years, Pinterest has rolled out many features that conferred it on the most popular shopping platform where they can direct traffic to users’ sites.

What are buyable pins?

Pins that allow for purchasing of product(s) under the Pinterest platform barring connection to other websites. Since Pinterest categorically enthralls their users’ attention, it doesn’t want their users to sign off.

So, by using these buyable pins, users stay inside Pinterest, even if they need to buy something from other websites.

Search engine on Pinterest (for searching the demanding products)

Pinterest shows up some astonishing provisions that no other platforms provide. To give an illustration of what I mean, let’s work over two different cases:

  1. When a product seems to be out-of-stockPinterest notifies you about that.
  2. It automatically updates changes, like price etc. The most advantageous thing — it charges nothing for buyable pins.
A key thing to remember, whenever a customer purchases any item — you should get a confirmation mail off with its price, taxes, fee, shipping information, and contact information. Additionally, you should not disregard and overlook the customer’s complaints.

What makes it different from other pins?

The amazing break-through it entails — a) a price, and b) the blue BUY button.

The available Buy button and price stick users’ attention by easing the buying process.

It provides a mammoth structure to improve your brand awareness. In prior days of buyable pins, 90% of purchases were from new customers that could astutely go off just because of buyable pins.

Users can click on the ‘Product search’ and buy through the ‘Buy it’ button.

What are the benefits of using buyable pins?

It has numerous captivating assets:

  1. Users or followers can search for their preferential products using a local search engine. As the product matches their searched keyword, that goes down, quite often then they oversee your buyable pins. Hence, upload an enrapturing image of the product.
  2. Image note: Vertical and 600 x 900 pixels. Pinterest never curtails any commission or cut on the sale you make.
  3. You will have to process the payment and shipping of the product to the customer, like an eCommerce store.
  4. The checkout process is secure and optimized for mobile users. They can purchase using their credit card or some other paying platform.

Requirements to create buyable pins:

Supported platforms include Shopify, BigCommerce, Demandware and Salesforce.

As per Pinterest prerequisites, customizable products, non-physical goods, such as digital downloads, live animals, and many such things — we can not sell. For the complete enumeration, review Pinterest’s guidelines.

To apply for buyable pins for your eCommerce site. There, you must have a Pinterest business account.

link to create a business account. 

Go to- https://in.pinterest.com/business/create > Put email, password & age > ‘Create account.”

                   a Pinterest business account (log-in or create account platform)

When we login to our profile through the Pinterest business account. It displays a page of the ‘Edit profile‘ as mentioned in the following image. In the first phase of setting, we fix up basic details like email id, name etc.

While in the next phase, you have to claim your website by entering your 

eCommerce website’s URL >” Claim”.

 At the same time, it displays the HTML tag that you copy and paste on your eCommerce site. Afterward, within 24 hours, you get a claim-confirmation mail of the website on the submitted email id.

And, when your website is set successfully, a confirming symbol (as in the figure) pops up.

How to add code to the eCommerce website?

On Spotify, click on the ‘online store‘ option. Subsequently, touch on the ‘theme‘ option.

However, If the website is password protected first, disable the password for the further procedure by editing code.

The moment we disable the code, a new page comes off that enables code settings.

As we select the ‘Edit code‘ option, it brings forth the whole programming structure.

And then, the HTML code we have copied in previous steps of website-claim. We paste that code right below <head> and then save by using the ‘save button’ at the corner.

Just below the head tag — paste the code and then save

Once the eCommerce store on Pinterest has been approved; You can start adding products to Pinterest — using the protected product boards.{Sidebar: Pinterest.com/yourusername/productname (adding product to Pinterest using this link)}

Only you can see this — it is not explicit to the public. And, it can take 3-5 days for your pins to appear as buyable.

The easiest way to save up product pins is by using the ‘Save’ button. That’s how you can display your services when users or followers visit your profile.

Build stories around your pin that vamps up your service and help you to reach more audiences. Besides, You should follow boards and accounts relevant to your industry to come by more people to engage with your pins.

Furthermore, 50 % of them follow you back where they become able to see your pins, especially buyable-one.

 With Pinterest business account:

  1. You can trade on marketing tools that help you to track the performance of your buyable pins to optimize these pins. It plays out using Pinterest analytics, which helps to comprehend the client’s needs.
  2. You can generate more than 50 % conversions rate of over 400 million active users. It is not grueling al all to generate leads and make more sales from these users.

Some additional tips to optimize buyable pins:

1. Annotate your product with the end date.

Since it explicates that your product is going to be available for a limited period, it somehow instigates people to execute an action urgently. Besides, it assures users about product-quality and discards when you don’t want to sell it for further.

While choosing a campaign, the date should be mentioned underneath the daily budget. Although it is optional, it can scale up your market reputation.

2. Use updated rich pins.

A host of users of Pinterest tick over buyable pins that are out-dated or out-of-stock. Thus, throw off those pins that contain out-of-stock products and allow your rich pins to display whether products are in-stock or not.

Rich pins are the factor behind automatic-updates like price and other exquisite information.

I hope this article helped you to shake off all doubts regarding buyable pins, and in embarking upon a journey where online earnings could be possible.

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy is the student of computer science and a professional developer. He founder Qitwire.com to work on tools and soon learn the way to help people letting them know the best tools available in the internet. Besides, he has a sleepless interest in photography and videography.

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