Did a thought ever cross your mind that you may obtain more at a less price? Are you looking for royalty-free images without any copyright issues? Or you are in urgent requirement of specific images related to your domain. In reality, you cannot simply download the image and use it for your venture. So how things work? Well, to clear the confusion, you need to understand the difference between royalty-free images and copyright-free images.

Royalty-free Image really copyright-free?

It refers to a form of license utilized by stock photography agencies that market stock images. This form of licensee allows the buyer to use the images with one-time payment only. After paying a considerable amount the buyer can use the images forever without any further payment commitment.
Well, the interesting part that comes to the notice is, the photographer who created the images is still the owner. The buyer just acquires the right to use it but not the possessions of the image itself.

How it benefits the buyer

  1. You can use the stock image multiple times such as for campaigns, for designing, for social media, etc.
  2. The royalty-free images are said to be cost-effective as with single time payment, you receive ultimate usage.
  3. Creating an image takes a lot of time. Therefore, with royalty-free images, you can afford images according to your preferences that save time too.
  4. Search multiple and use even international images photos faster and without spending a penny.
  5. You tend to receive many advantages from the agency’s membership too for campaign or music.

View on CopyRight Images

In copyright write free images the photographer or the owner of the image may grant permission to use his image with other users. Though, the owner of the image still owns the copyright on that specific picture. In other words, the owner is just providing an authorization to utilize his crafted image with others. The copyright creates a balance between the rights of the owner and the public interest.

  1. According to the regulation of copyrights, the user cannot own the pictures or can sell to another party. Hence, here the rights of the photographer are secured.
  2. The user doesn’t require to invest in using images for copyright-free images.
  3. You require to do a little search. It benefits for short period usage for your business venture.
  4. Many sites on the internet offer copyright-free images that don’t carry any legal issues for commercial and public use.

Wrapping Up

Probably, now you are much more clear about the two concepts. All royalty-free images are not necessarily copyright free. These are two different terms and are used interchangeably. Summing up all details produces a clear idea which explains that the royalty-free provides images with a one-time investment and forever use. Whereas the user doesn’t need to invest in using the images. The user requires to search for copyright-free images mostly prevailing on the online platform. In actuality, copyright safeguards the licensor that charges a royalty to use intellectual property.


Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy

Debojyoti Roy is the student of computer science and a professional developer. He founder Qitwire.com to work on tools and soon learn the way to help people letting them know the best tools available in the internet. Besides, he has a sleepless interest in photography and videography.

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