Best Shopify Themes that Drive Sales


Shopify is a platform that allows users to create an e-commerce website with free theme and design,
also, some apps are available on Shopify that helps user make their eCommerce site more flexible.

So here in this article, we are about to discuss these best free Shopify themes of the year 2020 that actually help to drive sales through its attractive looks and perfect design.

Shopify as an eCommerce Company

Shopify Inc. is one of the leading e-commerce sites continuously gaining popularity among small businesses for its online and retail POS (point-of-sale) system. Shopify allows shop-setup online, on social media, or from stores. Almost every small business owner has a Shopify account to promote online and offline business sales.

Why Shopify is not free

Since Shopify accounts don’t come cheap, with the Shopify Basic costing roughly $30 per month and the Advanced Shopify account priced around $300 monthly, it is necessary to know your customers and the range of products that are best suitable for your sales.

In order to enhance their sales and reach a wider customer base, shopkeepers tend to use various tricks and techniques that help them get higher views and orders. Shopify offers such website tricks, design trends, and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to promote themselves and their underlying businesses. One such optimization tool for Shopify accounts that enhances the appearance of their shops to draw more customers is the Shopify Theme Store.

Shopify Themes provide a uniform and aesthetically pleasing outlook to the entire shop on the online platform. These themes aim to cater specifically to the needs of the shops and display the best features forward. Some themes are free with Shopify account subscriptions and others need to be bought separately, but every theme is guaranteed to be unique and well-equipped for customers as well as shopkeeper needs. Take a look at these top selections of Shopify themes that can help you drive your sales and increase them many folds:

Free Shopify Themes

1. Simple – This clean and minimal product-focused theme is perfect to display neon and bright colored products. Styles: Light, Beauty, and Toy.

2. Brooklyn – A trending theme suitable for apparel stores with a modern yet chic outlook. Styles: Classic and Playful.

3. Minimal – As the name suggests, this is a clean and traditional theme with aesthetic appearances. Styles: Vintage, Fashion, and Modern.

4. Narrative – A descriptive theme highlighting the brand and products' journey. Styles: Earthy, warm, light, and cold.

5. Supply – Showcases, and filters large inventories. Options to display multiple features on the homepage and timeline. Styles: Blue and Light.

Venture – Ideal for large-scale brands and stores with a single product feature. Styles: Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing.

Shopify Themes Costing Less than $180

Pipeline – This is another minimalist theme with a more professional look featuring a parallax scrolling effect. Styles: Light, Bright, and dark. Price: $140.

Handy – Optimized and mobile-friendly theme with continuous product scroll and a quick link contact badly. Styles: Light, cool, and fresh. Price: $160.

Providence – No-distraction theme focused on orders and products. Styles: Thunderbolt, Seaside, and Birch. Price: $140.

Label – For musicians, publishers, and contemporary creators with bold brands. Styles: Record, Publish, and Create. Price: $160.

Shopify Themes Priced at $180

Icon – Image-oriented theme perfect for product-focused businesses. Styles:  Christian, Yves, Vera, and Dolce.

Ira – Descriptions of shop qualities, vision, and characteristics in a grid or an editorial-style layout. Styles: Ecstatic and Street.

Cascade – For businesses owning products that can be variously categorized, a cascade is the perfect Shopify theme to use. Styles: Classic, Bright, and Modern.

Venue – A product-focused theme to promote businesses spread across multiple platforms. Styles: Morning, evening and weekend.

Prestige – This theme provides a high-end brand image attracting luxury and comfort. Styles: Allure, Couture and Vogue.

Impulse – Multiple home-page videos and various production titles showcase custom promotions. Styles: Modern, Clean and Bold.

Streamline – Story-focused products and promotions with animated content. Styles: Core, Luxe and Hype.

Flow – Product-focused theme with a promotional banner and a collection page sidebar. Styles: Queenstown, Byron and Cannes.

Broadcast – Lookbook features, color swatches and Disqus blog comments aim to grow the customer base. Styles: Clean, Modern and Bold.

Canopy – Built for larger catalogs, versatile and modern appearance and two-menu options are some of the features of this theme. Styles: Kiln, Elda, and thread.

Atlantic – Quick buy options sporting a modular-style homepage and conversation striking design. Styles: Organic, Light, Modern and Chic.

Story - Detail-oriented with a built-in timeline tool that showcases the product design and inspiration. Styles: Chronicle, Quest and Heritage.

Capital – Multi-column menu, predictive search and animated content showcasing style and precision. Styles: Prague, Sofia and Berlin.

Warehouse – Easy to display large catalogs with custom promotion tiles and stock level indicators. Styles: Metal and Wood.

Boost – Promoting in-store shopping experience online with image hotspot linking and menu promotions. Styles: Flourish, spark and inspire.

Pacific – Modular and expansive theme with custom modules and product page tabs. Styles include – Bold, warm, bright and cool.

ShowTime – Perfect for a brand with varied category products. Showcases product quick view and multi-level menu. Styles: CookTime, FashionTime and FurnishTime.

Avenue – Increases cart value and displays custom collection tiles to make customers find products quickly. Styles: Casual, lively and precise.

Envy – Marketing popups with promotional banners and a mobile-first design promoting brand image and products. Styles: Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Gothenburg.

Blockshop – Grid-style theme with wide layout and marketing popup. Styles: Beauty, Adorn, Summer and Deli.

Empire – Amazon-inspired theme optimization. Styles: Graphic, Supply and Industrial.

Sunrise – Large-scale commercial stores and brands. Styles: Spring, Beach Hut, Uplift, Digitale.

Symmetry – Another large-scale commercial store and brand theme. Styles: Salt Yard, Beatnik, Chantilly and Duke.

Kagami – Dynamic masonry-style grid. Styles – Kyoto, Baptiste and Genevive.

Galleria – Image-focused theme for large inventories. Styles: Empire, Boutique and Showroom.

Expression – Marketing popups and promotional features. Styles: Naturale, Innovate, Oxford and Ocean.

Fashionopolism – Shopify Best seller theme for product-focused brands. Styles: Empire, SecretSale, Popup Shop and Galleria.

Testament – High-end and luxurious appeal for brands and products. Styles: Genesis, Exodus, Revelation and Deliverance.

Emerge – Designed for physical stores with an online presence featuring home and product page videos. Styles: Bright, Light and Dark.

Kingdom – Image-focused theme sporting a stylish signature sidebar with a high-resolution image display. Styles: King, Queen and Prince.

Looking to optimize Shopify stores? Decide from these modern, chic and aesthetic Shopify Themes! Marketing themes to increase profits and drive sales!