How To detect Shopify Theme-name On Store?


𝕊hopify is one of the biggest e-store builder sites on the internet. Millions of people make their online store just by giving an email address and their store name. 

Shopify helps those people who are willing to sell their products online but they don’t have knowledge of coding. Shopify has sorted all these problems and gives you your own e-commerce website, where you can manage your products, setting up your prices of the product, choosing a theme for the store.

They also have their own delivery services. Once you created your store, you are all ready to sell your products online. 

➥ Things to be covered in this article.

  • Overview
  • Purpose of choosing a good theme
  • How to detect the theme of any store on Shopify. [in PC]
  • How to detect the theme of any store on Shopify. [in Android]
  • Wrapping up

Purpose of choosing a good theme

But just creating your store online is not enough to grow your business. you need to choose the best theme for your store which can attract your customer and which gives authentic look to your store.

See if you are new on Shopify and your store is not much popular like others, you just need to observe other people who are already successful in this field and making big money from their store. Watch their e-store themes and which types of themes they are using to their store. But here is the biggest problem, how will you find the themes name on any store?

Hey buddy, so today I will tell you, how you can find the themes name of any Shopify store and grow your business.

How to detect the theme of any store on Shopify.

Hey buddy, so I will teach you two methods here, for extracting the theme name of any Shopify stores.

1st-By PC
2nd-By Android
Let's have a look at the PC method!


So, for this method, you need any kind of pc and required chrome browser installation.

STEP-1—Open chrome browser and visit any popular Shopify store. (Now, you want to extract the theme name of that particular store.)
STEP-2—Right-click anywhere on your screen and select the inspect option. (inspect window will appear in your browser)
Right-click anywhere on your screen and select the inspect option

STEP-3— Press “Ctrl+F” (A search window will appear)
STEP-4— Search “Themes” in the search box(once you did this, then all highlighted themes words will be shown to you )

STEP-5— Now press ‘’ ENTER“ KEY until you see the Term ‘’ Shopify_theme{ name=’’--------”}”(you will find the theme name )

Shopify Theme

NOTE:- The store owner may have used custom themes, in this case sometimes you may unable to find themes name.


Now let's have a look at how you can find theme names in android.

STEP-1— You need to install the “Inspect and edit HTML live” Application from the play store.
Inspect and edit HTML live

STEP-2— Open the app and visit any popular store of Shopify and click on  “three dots” (top right corner).
three dots

STEP-3— Click on “edit page source”(in the drop-down menu).
Edit shopify theme page source

STEP-4— Now search “theme” word in the search box (search box is on the top).
Shopify theme search

STEP-5— Continue to Click on arrow buttons until you find “Shopify _theme {name=”-------------”}” (you will find the name of the theme)
Shopify  theme mame

So, I taught you both the methods,now it's your turn to find it and grow your business :D

Wrapping Up

So these are some methods to detect the theme of any Shopify store by PC and Android.