The most advanced USB4 port is ready to arrive in the market of IT industry. And, it's none other than USB4. Just close your eyes & wait for the launch.
How does it feel when you hear that the coming generation computers will get the USB4 port?
Yeah, that's really a piece of true news. The job is rightly announced by the USB prompter group. The situation differs redoubling the previous bandwidth speed of USB3.1 & turns up as USB3.2. Hence, Intel embraces Thunderbolt infrastructure to sketch the mark of the job on their behalf. So, their announcement fulfils our heart at the prospect of getting a fully new type of USB4.


The pressure is now on the USB4 as Thunderbolt technology on Intel's Ice Lake Processor is on hold of 40GBPS bandwidth using the special bandwidth cables. The USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 is now ready to provide a high throughput rate of 40GBPS. Till now we are happy enough with the low rate of 20GBPS data transfer rate using a two-lane cable of 10 GBPS for each. The speed of 10GBPS sounds very pleasing to the ear & in reality also. Considering all the small company's condition, Intel has made this service free to & open for all. This kind-hearted step has really won our mind. They have invited over 50 companies to make free use as a demo or review this device to their use.
USB Prompter Group has also included that an updated USB Type-c for USB4 eagerly waits in terms of performance & configuration. 

What's about the data transferring speed?

The USB4 will have advanced equipment & upgraded hardware performance in terms of more bandwidth. It's all about enhancing the capability beneath the surface of one device-end to others. At one leap the data transfer rate migrates to high as 40GBPS, divided in 20GBPS of the two-lane transfer operation. Make sure that you are on USB Type-c or using 40GBPS certified cables as a medium. 

When does the USB4 start rolling into the market?

From the middle of 2019 onwards, USB Type-A will support feature of USB4 as well as all the previous USB versions. This is to inform you that all types of Intel processors are not ready yet to support the Thunderbolt 3 protocol. Only the Ice Lake processors will get the assistance of the latest modification as no other processors are able to take the load. At least previously we have had the news about the combination of USB4 with the Intel's Ice Lake Processor at CES 2019.


  1. Much speed & less time: Unbeatable high bandwidth rate of 40GBPS.
  2. Support: All the previous USB versions including  USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3.
  3. Business promotion: Now Royalty-free for all other companies in the IT industry.
  4. User satisfaction: High bandwidth generally lets us happy. 
  5. Proper one-stop substitute of USB3. 


  1. Only Intel's Ice Lake processor supports.
  2. Late to be available

Authority's voice

“Releasing the Thunderbolt protocol specification is a significant milestone for making today’s simplest and most versatile port available to everyone,” said Jason Ziller, General Manager, Client Connectivity Division at Intel. “By collaborating with the USB Promoter Group, we’re opening the doors for innovation across a wide range of devices and increasing compatibility to deliver better experiences to consumers.”
 “USB4’s high throughput and advanced features enable new scenarios in consumer, enterprise, and intelligent edge markets, while maintaining interoperability with existing USB and Thunderbolt 3 devices,” said Roanne Sones, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft OS Platforms. “We are excited to work with our partners in the ecosystem to bring USB4 to market and showcase its benefits.” 

USB4 supports only high-end devices. Top-notch graphics quality, Maximum harddisk capability is the base house of USB4.
The clear view about  USB4 is not displayed yet. On the launching of USB4 equipped PC, we are gonna get the details on USB Developer Days in 2019.