Whenever we hear the word Facebook, The first & foremost thing comes into our mind is about 'friends'. Ain't it?
So, the first thing first. Today we'll discuss how to make a ton of friends on facebook & understand the use of Facebook search engine. connect socially with the common folks like friends, relatives, neighbour, near & dear ones through online people search on facebook.
⤞ Note: This article can also be a substitute for how to find a friend on FB.
It is a well-known fact that Facebook is ruling over the internet for the tons of folks they are holding. The whole world is witnessing the uprising phase for facebook's ascendency & makes us crazy. If we dig deep, we can see at least one of our family members, friends are on facebook. Even you & I are in the same way. Again this is of no surprise that Facebook people search generally attracts a lot of people to its use. Daily millions of people are engaging themselves in passing their time on it.
Almost all type of people are on FB to share their heart out. If you wanna reach them properly, put their name & follow the procedure, Qitwire.com shares for the readers.

1. Find a Friend section

You can claim it as all in one bank in terms of relocating your friend zone. Choose a friend from the suggestion list. Moreover, you can also recheck your pending friend requests here. However, this portion works as an invaluable field for the users. Search your friend's name, when matched offer them a friend request. 

2. Friend of friend

Have a peep over your friend's friend list. Who can guess you find someone interesting? Many time we do forget our old friends. There's a chance you might get them back in your life & strengthen your mutual friend list. 

3. Auto-generated friend list

After summing up all the previous concepts, you all know that Facebook is quite compassionate about the user comfort for they bring down a list of friends. The opening of this list is sensed by your surrounding people, the people from the same school, college, locality, workplace etc. 

4. Email contacts

Connect your Rediffmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Sify, Gmail & other mail services to your account. Receive an upper hand list for the email contacts. 
This offering works well with android devices. Generally, an android phone has complete access over the contacts in phone list & Gmail contacts also. So, only take the essentials for your day to day Facebook use.

5. Facebook search engine

Doesn't sounding hilarious? I think not because according to study it is revealed that like google search engine, Fb also has people search engine. Now, what will you say? Comment below.
Beside Facebook logo at the top-left, you'll see a white verticle bar with a 'search' watermark. Put your cursor in & search for the people you want. If your search matches, you're lucky. 

6. Modify the search list for better output

It makes you reach to your desired person, page or group. 
You can filter the search list for which person you are looking for. By default, the type 'all' is set. Change accordingly to 'page' or 'group'. And, at the left side, you'll also get the selection over the location, type, people, group etc. Choose a specific one from the list. Throughout these filters proceed further for an accurate search result. 

7. Advanced algorithm

End up the distance between you & your favourite figure in the field of sports, singing, acting etc. Search with their field of work like 'Chris Pratt, Hollywood/ actor'. Like fan pages to get updates from time to time.

8. Facebook's suggestion 'people you may know'

This likely suggestive friend recommendation from Facebook to stopping you halfway on searching for any friend. The list is done considering your area or locality. Who knows all of your neighbours might be summed up here. Send friend request whoever you want. 

9. Some additional ways

  1. However, this profile search is capable of accumulating various people, group, post, pages etc. 
  2. Several pages you'll get when you short with 'pages'.
  3.  In fact, all these additional people search option is capable of drawing people toward them with full attention.
  4.  The social network is available for any length of time.


Despite various ways of Facebook profile search, we also put our little effort to make the way easy for the readers because we love you a lot of guys.
If you have noticed any missing or you have any suggestion further, don't forget to share in the comment. Eagerly we're waiting for your idea.