Whatsapp again makes another breaking news in 2019! Don't you know why? Here comes the reason.
The most awaited face unlock feature for Whatsapp is now available for iOS. The latest 2.19.20 beta update comes out hitting this spectacular biometric security for apple only. After all, Apple holds some special authority in the smartphone market. This extra layer of security is based on Apple's first launch of iPhone X's face unlock on 2013.
What will the android users say now? Aren't you passionate about having this face unlock system for the Whatsapp in your Android smartphone!
However, there is a big question mark, when we will get this flavour available in our Android devices too.
What benefits this biometric security throws back

  • For the first time ever Facebook-owned Whatsapp has surprised us with this spectacular process. The latest update supports both face ID & fingerprint ID. 
  • You can use either face id or fingerprint lock to unlock the app.
  • You can set a timeframe gap to lock the program automatically after a certain time & unlock it again. 
  • This special security, however, doesn't cover your personal chat. Once the app is open, your one to one chat is open.
  • From the ordinary stage, crowns the extraordinary stage having the latest security.
  • Improves the performance of the app. 

In the social network industry, the sudden rush of the most advanced security for Whatsapp adds marginal benefits for the users. It is no doubt that Whatsapp holds immense popularity around. The collective support of the duo has made this app more attractive again. For Face ID being supported after iPhone x, you do get only Touch ID accessibility from iPhone 5S to iPhone 8plus. When you turn the feature on, you can get the charm completely.

Are you eagerly waiting to know how to turn Whatsapp face unlock feature on?  Don't worry here this is gonna explained. 😉

👉 First of all update your Whatsapp to the latest version of 2.19.20. Or, install Whatsapp beta from Apple Store. 
Setup it up.
Go to Whatsapp setting.
And then click Account > Privacy. 
Here comes the duo at the bottom. Click on 'Screen Lock'  →  Turn on 'Require Face ID' → You can choose timeout option 1 minute, 15 minute or 1hr . 
Then A pop-out appears > Choose 'ok'.
Do you prefer this same feature in Facebook messenger too? What's your personal view about this