Highest paying Short URL

𝕎hoever doesn't wanna come up earning a good deal from short URL?
The most popular & trust-worthy domains are here. We have tried so hard to make the best list for you.
If earning online is your only priority, URL shortening technique is one of the best source income to add some revenue to your pocket. Just by pasting or sharing the short links of your domain/blog or any trending topic, earn a good deal.

Link Shortening Method

The link Shorteners are listed considering the

  • paying-rate, 
  • quick response time, 
  • trustworthiness, 
  • safe redirection.

However, you have to wait for a bit duration of 5second to arrive on the destination page. For, these companies have to earn by showing some advertisement in the redirection gap.

The medium of Payment Transfer

  1. Paypal
  2. Bitcoin.
  3. Webmoney.
  4. WireTransfer
  5. Payoneer.
  6. Payzara.

How much could you earn from Short URL?

  • The best URL Shortener can provide you with $10 at max. for 1000 views. Make sure you are using a particular company.
  • Referral: Refer your friend. On registering to any short URL sites just by clicking on the referring link can pay up to 20% commission of the clicker. 
So, without wasting time read out the Best of 10 highest paying URL Shortener in 2019.

1. MiniURL.io

What makes Miniurl unique from others is their highest paying rate. Get up to $250 per 1000 clicks.onwards.

The use is very easy as the other sites are. Get yourself registered within a minute with the help of advanced technology.
The payout rate varies according to the country. Click here for the rates. The difference in browsing devices blankly affects income rates.
The only thing you have to do is to shorten the link using their tool & post them on the Social network sites like FB, Whatsapp, Twitter, or other forum & blog as well.
After signing up with your data, get the list of your shortened URLs in their panel & the click countings being shown there. Returning clicks are also get counted.
The referral earning starts when your friends sign up following your referral link. Get an amazing amount of 20%  of your friend's earnings.
Make sure that you have already created a PayPal account. You can transfer money only when your balance hit $5 & not more than twice a month. You can transfer the amount into your bank a/c.

2. ShortZon

This URL shortening network has another magical outgiving of $120 against 10000views. This high amount can be earned without a penny from your pocket & also the rate grows over time. For this reason definitely, you can say that this company is the highest one in terms of CPM rate. 
You can also earn $15 to $20 each day for specific countries.

So, without delay Sign up today with your details to have a start & make your own money. 
Now, gather numerous clicks for much balance storage. Get the links posted on your social network wall, forum & also share it on your blog. However, you don't need to post on a regular basis. Only sit back & watch. 
In their log, take the most advanced benefit & it's depending upon your own strategies about which one is going popular & one is losing popularity. this status checking method is reliably unique & self -driven too.
As the amount increases, be ready to get it transferred in your bank a/c. Their PayPal based transfer protocol allows you to redeem your balance after storing $5.
The customer support team is always waiting for you. The 24/7 online helpline secures your data & balance. You can earn $100 max. for each day.
Now, don't be late to invite your friend. As they sign up using your link a 20% commission of their earning for a lifetime is going to be yours. 

3. Clicksfly

The next one in the list turns Clicksfly on with $150 for 1000 views. Without being late, only take membership for free & activate your id. Be prepared for your upcoming income. 
Account statistics marks all the short links listed. Get complete analysis & clicks counting there. You can short any links as much as you like. Well-organized administrative panel gives you permission to access all the features. 
Now, it's the time to share the mini links to the desired blog forum & Social networks & surely the posted links are going to get clicks after a click.
Bank transfer starts after when the minimum earning reaches $3.00.
The transfer medium is Paypal, Paytm, Bitcoin & others.
Each referral registration can bring about a 20 %  bonus of your friend's earning permanently.
However, both offline & online support is available for customers. 
Special API feature: This is a hassle-free link generator for all the pages of your blog. Once you put a blog/domain name. As an output, you'll get the short-links of all the pages of your site.

4. Uiz.io

Here comes another short URL maker with a ready-made feature of URL shortening tool. Definite earning money online is now more realistic. 

However, no clear reference is mentioned of estimated earning is given. But, the UIZ.io ensures you to give you a 30% share of invited registrants. Make sure that
  1. Your visitors are unique.
  2. The visitors have enabled the Java-script.
  3. Ad-blocker is paused.
  4. Cookies enabled.
  5. No VPN or proxy disabled, allowed.
  6. Don't make any fraud click. Else you may be banned.
In the meantime, you can consider the above lists as the reason of why your earnings are not being counted?


5. ULSfun

The funnily named domain link shortener, however, brings a down a good deal earning for you. Online earning becomes easier indeed.
Following three simple three steps starting from signing up, link shortening & earning etc. make your profit. Most of the cases for short URL the processes of earning are almost the same. 
Account management is now at your fingertips. Relocate them only by signing in. API based protocol offers more swift interference while switching to the short links from your long & boring web address. As a result, get a complaint-free performance.
However, get ever-increasing income from the clicks. Know more as he co-ordination is not over yet. And 30% referral bonus is waiting for you. 
And, it's from your referred friend's earning, indicates your life-long earning from his/her income. Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, direct bank transfer is the platforms to get the money. Make sure, you have earned a minimum $1 to start the transmission.

6. Linkzfy

On the URL shortener platform, Links2fly is another popular name to impress with higher paying rate. This company claims to provide with the free tool like blooming flower in the spring.
The three-step mechanism is enough to make money.

Get control over the administrative panel at one click. Also, get your visitor analysis in this section as well as revise your strategies.
Do you want to know how to shorten more links at one step? So, here, according to the advanced technology, API is all time bonus in terms of forming up creative & advanced ideas to improve your business.
You'll receive payment after making $5.00. Here, you can keep trust on Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney, Bitcoin & Bank Transfer at the last. Get payment only one time a day.
Involve more friend & secure 20% earning of their income permanently. This whole procedure is based on the referral bonus section. 
Get customer support from technical team & form up a strong source.
How much does Linksfly pay?
This is an unsolved question. Now, we can guess $3.50 to $12.5 on 1000 views. But split income can also be seen depending upon country variation.

7. Ouo.io

Ouo.io is another popular name in the link shortener carnival. This be filling company can turn a vast crowd & benefits you with the profit.

The important feature is that you do get benefit from the returning visitors also. So, start up with free registration. Now, earn without investment.
Earn $5 for 1000 views. Although earning varies in terms of country. Get your payment redeemed automatically on the 1st & 15th day of each month. Minimum withdrawal amount is $5.
For any further assistance contact the customer service & get assistance within 12hrs. 

8. Adf.ly

Adf.ly remains the position of the most popular & trusted URL shortened series. This company earn by showing ads while redirecting you to the original domain address.

Always try to avoid fraud clicking. Else, it'll result in destroying your revenue rate. Because their potential filter split up the misdoer.
Advanced statistics show your earning, clicks by each URL. No bound to make a lot of short link at once due to the presence of API.
Free registration waits for all after which you can start your effortless earning.
Referral criteria arrive with 20% commission of your friend's earning. 
However, the CPM rate changes according to country & browser type; handset or desktop. Get a fair price range when the audience starts clicking.

9. Shink

Enjoy the service of sink.in to get paid using the link shortener tool. From start to finish there are only three steps. Register with a free account, create link & paste & earn from visitors.

The minimum payout rate is $5.00. Paypal is the medium. So, without being late get a start for your own benefit. 
The referral objective is not over yet. Get 20% commission whenever your friend earns any amount.
Earn $4.10 for 1000views. The rate subjected to change according to the country starting from $.o1 to $4.10. However, it may change accordingly.

10. Shorte.st

In my honest opinion, you have heard about Shorte.st. Their keynote is 'get extra income from your traffic.'

The process of earning with this company is very simple. If any blog belongs to you or any interesting content is there, you can definitely earn at endlessly by posting the links in the social networks, message, comments etc.