Supernetting is something called CIDR which is Classless Inter-Domain Routing. The whole matter is subjected to come under computer networking. It's a complete description of the computer networking system.
The term 'Supernetting' might sound like 'internet'. But it is completely different than the internet. And, It does not hold so vast network like the internet.
In simple words, it routes various networks whether of computer or router. It controls all the small network in one direction. More specifically, it combines more than one Subnetwork into a supernetwork(single) using IP address or route.
You can understand it more effortlessly when you get to know about its feature.

  • It is a collection or combination of computer networks.
  • Supernet helps in completing route schedule.
  • It converts network bits to Host bits. It is called CIDR for making the path of several computers internally. 


  1. By using supernetting, any company or industry can control their large network at ease.
  2. Establishes links between two or more than two subnetworks. 
  3. Using IP network, CIDR, it creates new single or main network.
  5. Also helps in reducing routing table entries by using CIDR(OSPF, DIGIP, RIPv2)
  6. As a result, it helps in improving router's performance.
  7. Shades router's processing memory & storage pressure.
Various names of the supernetwork in the industry.
  1. Supernetting.
  2. Prefix aggression.
  3. Route aggregation.
  4. Route summarization.

Why do we use supernetwork?

  1. For a large company, sometimes the requirement of connecting all single network to a host is required. It fulfills the demand in the simple method.
  2. It does the job without wasting many IP addresses.
  3. Using CIDR & two prefixes of an E-class supernet can be created within some moment.
  4. Helps in simplifying route aggregation.