Using Whatsapp Status, you definitely enjoy the process of unfolding what's going in your mind through image, text, gif & mostly by video in the status section in Whatsapp. Generally, it is like another status of Facebook, lasting for 24hrs only.
The matter with us that almost everyone is connected with each other in social media like Whatsapp. And, very closely we are sticking to it. So it's been our general duty to share our mind's thought with each other. isn't it? So don't let any moment unloaded to the world.
Now it comes handy when we have had something new to share with our friends' circle & make them shocked. The stuffed sausage of a happy go lucky mode lets other dance with you with a Whatsapp status.

Who can see my Whatsapp status?

The people you have saved in your contact list can only see your Whatsapp status. Now people can also reply to you with the status you updated.

Which status can I see? or How to see a WhatsApp status?

Go to the status section or swipe left after opening Whatsapp. Here get all the status listed. You can only see the status of those contacts who have saved your phone no. in their contact list. Make sure of that matter.
*You'll get the notification of your friend's new Whatsapp Status Update.

How to add my own Whatsapp status?

The procedure is like that
  1. Open Whatsapp > click on status. Or you can swift left for once. Now comes up The Status screen.
  2. Now select either camera or text here.
  3. For text, you can write down anything you want to post out. And, you can change the background colour as per your wish. 
  4. For the camera section, you can upload any image from your device storage or capture an image. 
  5. Now it's the time to upload them all. Click on the Send.
Your Status privacy.
If you are worried because of all the people can see your Whatsapp Status, there are options for that. Whatsapp provides complete user-friendly field. Whatsapp have paralleled including & excluding contact option. You can include or exclude the people whom you want to share or whom you don't want to share with. The default viewing option is preset for all the contacts in your list.
Change the setting manually:
  1. Open Whatsapp status section.
  2. Click on the three vertically dots or click on the menu > Status Privacy.
  3. Choose among 'My contacts', 'My contacts except' or 'Only share with'.
*If  There's already a status, changing status setting will not affect the status at all.

Deleting a Status

Don't be tensed because the updated status gonna automatically deleted after 24hrs. If you manually intended to delete then go forward with the steps.
  1. Go to Status Zone.
  2. Click o 'My Status' right under Status.
  3. Here, you'll see all your updated status list > tap & hold to mark each status > delete or trash button.

Forward your own status

When you have put a great status, people sometimes tell you to forward your status to them. On the other hand, sometimes you are bound to forward your status to other. At that moment the forward option effectively works. 
  1. Go to Status Zone.
  2. Click o 'My Status' right under Status.
  3. Here, you'll see all your updated status list > click on the forward button > choose contacts from your list of frequently contacted or Recently chats to forward. 
  4. And, now send.

How to mute other's status in Whatsapp

Sometimes it's troublesome for you to see contact's frequently updated status. Isn't that boring? You generally find to skip that kind of status. So muting a status will help you ignoring someone completely. 

Mute someone

  1. Go to the status section.
  2. press & hold status for some second.
  3. Appears Popup window with the mute option > mute.
  4. Now you are done.

Unmute someone

  1. Go to the status section.
  2. At the bottom the muted status.
  3. Click & hold the muted status > here pops out a window > Unmute.
  4. The process done.