Hey guys, are you bored of having the same image at the Whatsapp chat background? As that image has been common for every user & from morn to night we can't imagine our day without Whatsapp. For chatting purposes, image sharing, group chatting or doing any important work Whatsapp comes as the first accessible App. Precisely it's better to say as WhatsApp Wallpaper.

The procedures of changing Whatsapp chat background is very simple. just follow these steps. These steps are applicable for Whatsapp android.
First, open Whatsapp.
Here come two ways to make it possible:
No.1- Click on the menu. (There are the three vertical dots at the top right corner)
Click on 'settings'.
Now, click on 'chats'.
Click on 'wallpaper'.
Three vertical dot
Click on 'wallpaper'

No. 2- Open any chat
Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner.
Now, click on 'Wallpaper'

The next part is the same for both No.1 & No.2.
Now you'll see this options.

You can choose any one of them. Choose Gallery to select any picture from your phone gallery.
The second option is for 'Solid color'. When you unlike to use haphazardly set color.
The third option belongs to Whatsapp itself. That is 'Whatsapp Library' which stands for Whatsapp Wallpaper. You'll be automatically redirected to Whatsapp Wallpaper in Playstore.

How to set Whatsapp Wallpaper default

You guys who have already changed your Whatsapp Wallpaper as per your choice, may get back to the previous & default background.
Its procedure is not heavy hard. It's a very easy process. 
Open Whatsapp 
Open any chat.
Click on the top right corner.
Click on 'wallpaper'.
Now click on 'Default'.
Now you have returned to the funny, attractive, noted & evergreen Whatsapp default wallpaper. 

How to remove WhatsApp Wallpaper 

A little while back we have discussed 'how to change Whatsapp wallpaper' & 'how to set default Whatsapp Wallpaper'. Now some of you might think of removing the previous set wallpaper.
This topic is analyzed here. It's actually more easy to remove any existing wallpaper.

Whatsapp chat color without any wallpaper.

Have you any idea of what the actual color Whatsapp do use for chat wallpaper? If you don't, I'm telling you. It's light brown(off-white) color you'll see after removing background wallpaper. 

For this, you need to follow the same way from opening Whatsapp to clicking on 'wallpaper'. On following any one of no.1 & no.2 click on 'Wallpaper' 
You'll see the option of 'no wallpaper'. 
On the moment you click on it the background wallpaper gets removed.

Never be an outsider, feel free to ask because the comment box is waiting there for you.
Now sip to your cup of coffee.

How to make someone Whatsapp group admin

How do you feel to get yourself as a group admin? In my opinion, the answer be definitely good.
When anyone creates a group he or she is an already an admin of that group. For Whatsapp Group only the creator is the Group admin & the rest is normal members/participants.
In short, an admin has the same authority as a chairman & secretary holds in real-time. Finally, it's not in reality. You are going to get this authority when you make a group yourself or become an admin of any Group.

Benefits of becoming a Group Admin

  • You can change Group image, group name any time.
  • You can add members/ participants as per your wish.
  • An admin also can remove any member when needed.
  • Even admin can delete that group if he or she wants.

Disadvantages of being a common member of a group

  • Not being able in changing Group name, group Dp etc.
  • No member can be added.
  • Not being able to remove any member whenever needed.
  • The most hilarious part is that you can neither leave nor join & delete this group or other groups.
Note: Only an existing Group admin(creator of this group) can make another member admin. Every member of any group can be made or given the permission of an admin. 
The procedure of making an admin is listed below-
  1. First, make or create a group with few members.
  2. Open that group & click on the group Name.
  3. Here scroll down to participants.
  4. Now, click on the friend whom you want to make admin.
  5. You'll get a popup. There select the option 'Make Group admin'