In a word, Gmail Dot trick works refer to the use of your email id at various or multiple means. It snips your one or main mail id into multiple mail ids. To speak out more clearly, just signup with a new mail address & use it all the way.

Personally, I think this feature of Gmail is very convenient for users. It is going to provide a good user-friendly & useful experience whoever comes to know about Gmail Dot Trick.

Whenever we think of mailing Gmail comes at first. Practically, in the online world, mail service is undoubtedly one of the most useful things. How you do feel when Gmail comes along & plays with some trick. Here, Gmail Dot Trick comes into the field.

Many people are already heard of this trick & some don't. Naturally, everyone has the intention to get familiar with this trick. Our constant motive is to explain the trick all the way, & to make you familiar with its unknown parts. Read this article at ease while doing any other work.

I can demand enough that you are here to know the working method, use of Gmail Dot Trick in detail. Get more from Gmail in the place of one. This technique will help you in creating multiple accounts using a single Gmail id. Use one mail id as many Gmail ids you have created for different accounts.

This trick helps you in doing business, managing multiple accounts using mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, various websites, etc. So don't be worried, keep reading.

What is Gmail Dot Trick in detail?

Whenever you copy something do you see any dissimilarity between the original and copy one. Likewise, the Gmail Dot trick does the duty of generating multiple copies of Gmail id from that original one.

Although you are not getting any conventional definition but not to worry. We're explaining it up to your fulfillment.

You all know that Gmail is a free web-mailing service provided by Google. Beside Web, it also follows the POP & IMAP protocol. Dot trick is heartwarming stuff provided by Gmail. This trick simply gives you the permission of using your mail id in multiple paths. This outgiving nature of Google electrifies us. 

Although Google introduces many new features over the time & this Gmail dot trick is full of uniqueness & useful too. And, the interesting fact is that you will receive all the mail in one (main) account.

Steps to follow:

1. In fact, the trick separates each alphabet using a dot & makes several or it feels like you have unlimited accounts. 

2. All alphabets before the '@' sign in a Gmail id, are separated one by one with a single dot.

3. In another case one letter at first following by a dot & then other letters together. 

4. Sign up for one mail id & get hundreds out of it.

Uses of Gmail Dot Trick

Now one question, don't you think it so funny? Definitely, you can say this funny if your thinking is like childish. On the other hand, significantly this is a necessary tool for them whoever having a lot of business, clients, social accounts, websites, etc. And, arrives to be handy & proficient trouble-shooter.

1. Despite breaking the rule of creating multiple accounts, it holds complete safety for users.

2. When you don't want to create a Gmail id anymore & wish your one mail id to work as a whole.

3. Tackle all Facebook accounts, WhatsApp accounts, Other websites registration & businesses by using only one email.

4. Privacy & security purposes: You can skip showing the original Gmail id if you don't want. And, show the dotted mail id.

5. You can use this trick anytime & whenever you want. 

6. You need a little knowledge of sending & receiving email. And, rightly we can say that anyone is hardly unaware of doing this.

How Does the Dot Trick Works?

1. Easily we can proclaim that likewise the working of an email, it also works. 

2. After anyone knows about this trick, it'll never be unwanted to him or her. You can make full use of it.

3. All you need is just an email under Gmail.

4. It does follow all Gmail protocol & working orders & manners.

5. You can use it unlimited time & it is free. 

6. The long your email address is, the longer the mail id you are getting with the separation using the dot.

7. No charges after all, & no need for phone numbers. 

It's so easy that even a fresher or newbie can make whole use of it with ease.

How to Generate Dot Gmail?

Several steps required to form a dotted Gmail. The steps are nothing but the use of dot at different places among the Gmail username. First of all signup with a new account at Gmail. 
It is nothing impossible anymore for you.

These steps are revealed & thoroughly described below-

Step 1:-  Most importantly take a mail address belongs to google & start placing a dot (.) after the first letter. Example: Take this mail address '' & now make it

Similarly like step 1 now leave the 1st letter & place the dor(.) after 2nd word. Example: It is now

Use a dot(.) after every word one by one. Each time you can use one dot(.) Example: The result is going to be like,, & on.

Make sure that you have not put any dot(.) after the last word(before '@'). Example:
Step 2:- Now startup with the new step of two dots(.)

Have the Gmail id ready. Now place two dots at any place in the user id or among the letters in the username. You can put two dots anywhere in the username.

Ex:- or 

Step 3:-  Here lies the game of more than two dots. You can set as much as the numbers of letters are there in your mail-id. Be sure that you have not placed any dot before the first alphabet & after the last alphabet.

Ex:- It'll be like 

*Note: If anyone sends a mail to the above mail addresses (between step1 to step 3), you'll get that mail to (you'll get them to your mail address on your part).

Google mail trick in detail 

Another Gmail trick is here. All of you are already familiar with the fact that Gmail is a free emailing service that comes under Google. Afterward, the only important thing to tell you that Gmail is also called  Google mail. Because it is the only mailing service Google has until today.

If you search for Google email in the Google search-bar you do get Gmail instead. And, it serves you with Gmail. To tell in a line Gmail is the short name of Google mail.

The relevance of using Google mail trick?

Some website does not support Gmail dot mail. When you get yourself unable to use dotted Gmail, use Google mail instead. Many people can't differentiate ' & ''.

Have some fun with your friends by showing them google's other mail service. They shall definitely feel confused.

Here is the trick


Ending Note:

Finally, we can say that the purpose of Google's features includes an interesting & needful aspect for us. With these tricks, many of your issues can b solved easily. Specifically, you shall not get any boredom when Gmail Dot Trick or Googlemail come into utilization. 

In my opinion, Google should introduce more important prominences. If you have any suggestions or questions never mind comment fast. We'll be thankful to have any suggestions from you.