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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

How to copy Uncopyable text from a website or Copy text from Right-click protected domain.

 whenever we become unable to copy important paragraphs show me a website don't we feel disarmed? do you know why this happens? it is the right click disable the feature, done from the developer's end the texts are copyright protected.
on the other hand copying text from a website or blog is not a matter of fact but as the day passes, the developers' algorithms are coming out to be smarter and advanced to play a profit only game. hence the permission over simply ' select text and copy'(Ctrl+c) are fading away & often restrictions appear.

 what can we do now? 

You can believe me that people don't show gratitude by showing the actual link. However, it is their personal matter to make others know where they got the article from, rather they do copy the important portion of the article & paste it for their self-promotion.
This mostly occurs with the sites related to
  1. trending topics
  2. controversial news
  3. Tutorial notes
  4. students assignments
  5. Banking sector
  6. cyber cell
At this point, you can say that the bloggers have found their developer aided feature under the  JavaScript. 

1. Disable JavaScript

Firstly, that this is not any plugin based or coding-based feature. this is a very special method to continue with disabled JavaScript. Almost all the browsers have this program, especially you can use Chrome browser.  To turn it on, follow the direction.
setting >  advanced setting( at the bottom) >  content setting >  JavaScript > now turn it off.

2. page resource.

Make it know that is completely code-based. Unlike the previous option, it is simply a one-click procedure. however, all the sites are written & created in HTML format. so you are going to get the process working. 
No need to be confused because it is very simple. Just land on the page and follow the process hereafter. now right click > view page resource or directly enter > Ctrl+u.
now it will open all the coding, including the text. Here, find out the important portion, you were not being able to copy. press Ctrl+f and put words the words to reach your desired paragraph and do copy and paste wherever you want at your heart's content. 
Note: this procedure is a bit troublesome if you face coding for the first time ever.

3.  Use plugin :

Here comes our most favourite plugin. If you are not a professional user, no problem at all. it runs smoothly in the Chrome browser. So you can easily understand that the Chrome Browser is needed to make it happen. When you feel that horse trainer to some extent, you can swiftly have a sigh of relief particular to use this particular option, also smart indeed. use this plugin for highly secured websites like banking sectors, news channels etc.
add right to copy to your extension list.  click on menu button > more tools > extensions(open chrome web store) > search 'righttocopy' > add it to your extension list of the Chrome browser. or You may use this link to directly download Right to copy

4. Google cache service.

Sounding odd right? This feature is provided by Google. you will get to use this feature if your site is submitted or connected to Google cache service.
simply change the URL of the domain i.e. replace 'https' or 'HTTP' with 'cache'. Example (cache://
now press ctrl+ p to print the page or download and save it as PDF For future and further use.

5. Copy unselectable text on Mac.

You know that Apple is organized for the utmost user security & iOS is familiar for its reliability. And, the most important part is that Apple doesn't give much space for any 3rd party app. But you are still an optimist to copy unselectable text, Right?
The opportunity comes out with 'Xcode'. Install it now on your Apple device. Make sure that your Mac OS is xv10.4 or above. This tool allows you to copy text whenever it is placed in your pc page or the page you browse. All you need is to turn on this feature of the Accessibility Inspector. 
Go to Developer > Application > Utilities > Accessibility tool.
Take your mouse pointer on the text to select & copy.
Hey, you can paste it wherever you want. Now you can hurry & no apps required indeed.

6. A Surprising app

This is last but not the least & the procedure is done through an app called 'universal copy'. Now come out of the conventional procedure of long select & copy. Moreover, there is a lot of text copy application running in the market but this one comes really handy. Over 1billion download in Google Play store retains our trust. 
To tell precisely, this app is made especially for the bloggers, YouTubers. You all know that we, the bloggers are liable to our viewers & we need to work according to the demand for them. Many a time we have had to showcase the viewer's demand, we get generally in the social network, Fb, Twitter, Gmail & in the comment section. Surprisingly this app cut shorts our action.
Procedure: Open Universal copy & leave it running in the background > Reach to the spot, you want to copy > scroll down the notification bar > easily select the lines or words to copy by double tapping. 
It'll automatically save to the phone's clipboard.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

How to send full resolution or full-sized image on WhatsApp?

It is one thing to transfer an image from one device to another device via Bluetooth, wifi or wired-connection but it is quite another thing to send a picture through Whatsapp. Ain't it? The answer is yes.
we need to consider the image quality because of Whatsapp's instant file sharing method. It is evitable also that Whatsapp can't avoid this supersonic speed. This is the question uppermost in the mind of every Whatsapp users how to get rid of sending or receiving low-quality images send via Whatsapp?
Whoever doesn't know that Whatsapp crowns the top position as a social media app. In the digital market, file sharing too is paving the way into the daily undergoing load of chatting. The problem persists with the quality of the image. What we send & what the receiver gets. Whatsapp cuts down the resolution. Low sized & low-quality image disheartens us. The size reduction ratio is one-third of actual quality. Suppose you send an image of 100kb, the receiver gonna get it as a 30kb output.
But here, if you put some extra effort, the problem of low-quality photo output vanishes. Only change the sending method from photo to Document.
So less tension & enjoy on.
Have a small look over its pros & cons.


  1. You can send high-resolution professional pictures.
  2. No quality compromisation,
  3. No time delay. 
  4. No requirement of installing extra file transferring app.
  5. No wired connection like data cable & pc is needed. 
  6. Completely free to use.
  7. Email attachment falls back.
  8. Completely hassle-free


  1. The limit is 100mb.
  2. No offline support.
There are two methods, you can use to push forward your image or get an image on Whatsapp. At the same time keep them intact.

Method 1.

Release an image or images as Doc file. This is the key solution to the long-standing problem.
Simply tap on attachment button & add an image from the gallery. Isn't it the traditional manner we are still following for sharing a picture with other mates om Whatsapp?
So, now good-bye this primitive procedure. The solution lurks in the app & let's guide you.
  1. Open up any chat > Click on 'attachment' icon > Document. 
  2. Click on 'Document'.
  3. Now you have landed upon Doc/file manager. Here, Click on 'browse other docs.' > Click on the three vertical lines at the top. > select 'image'/recent'.
  4. Now, select the image, you want to send > send. 
  5. If you want to send multiple images, mark them by long press & send. 
Now, you are done & the recipient will get the full sized image.

Method 2

Here comes the next method. We thought this would be another jolly process to complete the task at ease. However, the previous process was much easier. This fits for sending multiple images at a time. No need to stay confused & search here & there in the ocean of photos in your gallery. While selecting any pic, simply bind them in a zip file. 
Send the zipped file using the Doc system pr 
Tap on the zipped file > share > select Whatsapp > to your desired contact. 

Some questions to answer.

1. Does Whatsapp really lower image quality & why?

Whatsapp dos this to keep their server fast & lag-free. As all of you know that Whatsapp is used by billions of people Globally. No visible difference is seen
In our early content, we have discussed why Whatsapp lowers image & video quality. 
Whenever there is any kind of sharing on our phone, the first choice is Whatsapp. Actually, it is simplicity & quickness we prefer. At a blink, files are sent. To be honest, hardly you'll find an app to perform with the thunder-bolt speed. This mechanism makes us fall in love with the popular social networking app.
If there is an app comparable to Whatsapp or better, don't forget to mention the name in the comment section.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

These 9 Simple FACEBOOK PEOPLE SEARCH Tricks Will Pump Up Your friend list Instantly

Whenever we hear the word Facebook, The first & foremost thing comes into our mind is about 'friends'. Ain't it?
So, the first thing first. Today we'll discuss how to make a ton of friends on facebook & understand the use of Facebook search engine. connect socially with the common folks like friends, relatives, neighbour, near & dear ones through online people search on facebook.
⤞ Note: This article can also be a substitute for how to find a friend on FB.
It is a well-known fact that Facebook is ruling over the internet for the tons of folks they are holding. The whole world is witnessing the uprising phase for facebook's ascendency & makes us crazy. If we dig deep, we can see at least one of our family members, friends are on facebook. Even you & I are in the same way. Again this is of no surprise that Facebook people search generally attracts a lot of people to its use. Daily millions of people are engaging themselves in passing their time on it.
Almost all type of people are on FB to share their heart out. If you wanna reach them properly, put their name & follow the procedure, shares for the readers.

1. Find a Friend section

You can claim it as all in one bank in terms of relocating your friend zone. Choose a friend from the suggestion list. Moreover, you can also recheck your pending friend requests here. However, this portion works as an invaluable field for the users. Search your friend's name, when matched offer them a friend request. 

2. Friend of friend

Have a peep over your friend's friend list. Who can guess you find someone interesting? Many time we do forget our old friends. There's a chance you might get them back in your life & strengthen your mutual friend list. 

3. Auto-generated friend list

After summing up all the previous concepts, you all know that Facebook is quite compassionate about the user comfort for they bring down a list of friends. The opening of this list is sensed by your surrounding people, the people from the same school, college, locality, workplace etc. 

4. Email contacts

Connect your Rediffmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Sify, Gmail & other mail services to your account. Receive an upper hand list for the email contacts. 
This offering works well with android devices. Generally, an android phone has complete access over the contacts in phone list & Gmail contacts also. So, only take the essentials for your day to day Facebook use.

5. Facebook search engine

Doesn't sounding hilarious? I think not because according to study it is revealed that like google search engine, Fb also has people search engine. Now, what will you say? Comment below.
Beside Facebook logo at the top-left, you'll see a white verticle bar with a 'search' watermark. Put your cursor in & search for the people you want. If your search matches, you're lucky. 

6. Modify the search list for better output

It makes you reach to your desired person, page or group. 
You can filter the search list for which person you are looking for. By default, the type 'all' is set. Change accordingly to 'page' or 'group'. And, at the left side, you'll also get the selection over the location, type, people, group etc. Choose a specific one from the list. Throughout these filters proceed further for an accurate search result. 

7. Advanced algorithm

End up the distance between you & your favourite figure in the field of sports, singing, acting etc. Search with their field of work like 'Chris Pratt, Hollywood/ actor'. Like fan pages to get updates from time to time.

8. Facebook's suggestion 'people you may know'

This likely suggestive friend recommendation from Facebook to stopping you halfway on searching for any friend. The list is done considering your area or locality. Who knows all of your neighbours might be summed up here. Send friend request whoever you want. 

9. Some additional ways

  1. However, this profile search is capable of accumulating various people, group, post, pages etc. 
  2. Several pages you'll get when you short with 'pages'.
  3.  In fact, all these additional people search option is capable of drawing people toward them with full attention.
  4.  The social network is available for any length of time.


Despite various ways of Facebook profile search, we also put our little effort to make the way easy for the readers because we love you a lot of guys.
If you have noticed any missing or you have any suggestion further, don't forget to share in the comment. Eagerly we're waiting for your idea.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

How USB4 is going to fill our heart's desire with a thunder-like bandwidth. Specifications & release date.

The most advanced USB4 port is ready to arrive in the market of IT industry. And, it's none other than USB4. Just close your eyes & wait for the launch.
How does it feel when you hear that the coming generation computers will get the USB4 port?
Yeah, that's really a piece of true news. The job is rightly announced by the USB prompter group. The situation differs redoubling the previous bandwidth speed of USB3.1 & turns up as USB3.2. Hence, Intel embraces Thunderbolt infrastructure to sketch the mark of the job on their behalf. So, their announcement fulfils our heart at the prospect of getting a fully new type of USB4.


The pressure is now on the USB4 as Thunderbolt technology on Intel's Ice Lake Processor is on hold of 40GBPS bandwidth using the special bandwidth cables. The USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 is now ready to provide a high throughput rate of 40GBPS. Till now we are happy enough with the low rate of 20GBPS data transfer rate using a two-lane cable of 10 GBPS for each. The speed of 10GBPS sounds very pleasing to the ear & in reality also. Considering all the small company's condition, Intel has made this service free to & open for all. This kind-hearted step has really won our mind. They have invited over 50 companies to make free use as a demo or review this device to their use.
USB Prompter Group has also included that an updated USB Type-c for USB4 eagerly waits in terms of performance & configuration. 

What's about the data transferring speed?

The USB4 will have advanced equipment & upgraded hardware performance in terms of more bandwidth. It's all about enhancing the capability beneath the surface of one device-end to others. At one leap the data transfer rate migrates to high as 40GBPS, divided in 20GBPS of the two-lane transfer operation. Make sure that you are on USB Type-c or using 40GBPS certified cables as a medium. 

When does the USB4 start rolling into the market?

From the middle of 2019 onwards, USB Type-A will support feature of USB4 as well as all the previous USB versions. This is to inform you that all types of Intel processors are not ready yet to support the Thunderbolt 3 protocol. Only the Ice Lake processors will get the assistance of the latest modification as no other processors are able to take the load. At least previously we have had the news about the combination of USB4 with the Intel's Ice Lake Processor at CES 2019.


  1. Much speed & less time: Unbeatable high bandwidth rate of 40GBPS.
  2. Support: All the previous USB versions including  USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3.
  3. Business promotion: Now Royalty-free for all other companies in the IT industry.
  4. User satisfaction: High bandwidth generally lets us happy. 
  5. Proper one-stop substitute of USB3. 


  1. Only Intel's Ice Lake processor supports.
  2. Late to be available

Authority's voice

“Releasing the Thunderbolt protocol specification is a significant milestone for making today’s simplest and most versatile port available to everyone,” said Jason Ziller, General Manager, Client Connectivity Division at Intel. “By collaborating with the USB Promoter Group, we’re opening the doors for innovation across a wide range of devices and increasing compatibility to deliver better experiences to consumers.”
 “USB4’s high throughput and advanced features enable new scenarios in consumer, enterprise, and intelligent edge markets, while maintaining interoperability with existing USB and Thunderbolt 3 devices,” said Roanne Sones, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft OS Platforms. “We are excited to work with our partners in the ecosystem to bring USB4 to market and showcase its benefits.” 

USB4 supports only high-end devices. Top-notch graphics quality, Maximum harddisk capability is the base house of USB4.
The clear view about  USB4 is not displayed yet. On the launching of USB4 equipped PC, we are gonna get the details on USB Developer Days in 2019.

Friday, 1 March 2019

What is network latency ? Complete tutorial guide!

Does your internet connection often lag? The cause can be High network latency.
Network latency is a type of describing phase or lateness, occurs during the data transmission for any kind of communication network.

Alternatively, we can say that the time electromagnetic waves usually takes to reach from sender's end the receiver's end is the time-span known as network latency.
The objective of the time-span is to map the input(sender) & output(receiver) gap as minimum as possible to retain low network latency.
On the contrary, longer it takes time to res[ponse the much laginess we face while browsing the web & in other cases. This delay is marked by high network latency. This time we can do nothing but losing a robot like & wait for the server processing by which a query gets a response.

What is good network latency?

Generally, 50ms to 30ms is good network latency. How quickly your internet responding completely depends upon bandwidth speed. Online gaming. live streaming, low-latency is necessary.
In most of the cases, the servers try to keep the interconnection time '0'.

Types of  Network latency?

It's a complete story about the kind of network latency. You'all know that wide-spread network gets circulated through various types of reproductive technologies. The latency measurement is subjected to cover the RTT( Round Trip Time).
Looking forward to more details?
Don't worry as the main points are gonna described now.

  1. Firstly Propagation: A flash description on the basis f data travel time from one user end to the server. When we purchase any data package the continuation of data is offered r circulated. 
  2. Transmission: different types of data transmission medium has its own capacity according to their limitations. The wires belong to the category of co-axial cable, fibre optics, & other wires. The speed of the data tour depends on the quality of the wire & the signal repeater. Sometimes high latency occurs & then additional speed boosters are required. Make sure that your data package size fits for experiencing extended speed
  3. Networking devices like routers: Surfing or browsing speed varies due to router performance. It's a usual fact that routers with less capacity often fail to take the load of the high-speed data package. This generally ends up resulting in high latency. Router's firewall must be strong enough for proper incoming & outgoing connectivity.
  4. Storage issue: This problem is the cause of low-clock speed of your computer.  Sometimes your hard-disk denies storing file/ data at the frequency of your internet connection. Consequently, the unstable switching of speed fails to retain the low-latency. The HDD, CD & other external storage devices often belong to the low-class built-in quality.

What affects latency much?

Internet & latency both are inseparable & co-related object too. For several reasons, network latency extends to the highness. 

1. Internet latency: This indicates the conversation of WAN to WAN. A certain volume of data is passed through the cable or fibre. When we click on any link, the signal passes through several steps. The style belies in the multiverse, in essence, is a computer simulation, a program, originated out of user's end to reach the ISP.
Building a connection between the computer or a device with another device is not an easy task. 
Disregarding the so-called bandwidth advertisement of 50mbps does not fit for downloading a large file & serve game-playing. You can download any file at 50mbps but it can not assure us of level '0' latency.
Because there are several ISP around us & all the ISP are not best always to provide us with the all-time best service. 
2. WAN & LAN conjunction: WAN (Wide Area Network) is the core platform of all the broadband network or ISP providers. When the signal passes to your computer & gets processed to LAN, the moment input & output data often chokes due to the heavy traffic. As you know, these days ISPs are tackling a huge number of connections. The servers sometimes unsuccessfully respond to the user's need. The late reply from the server enables high-latency.
3. Computer OS mechanism fault: Reportedly we think that our computer does not have any problem. But often this robotic machine loses its responsibility. The operating system agent Windows, Linux, Mac freakingly generates some lag while carrying out click order. 
The parameter of the OS program can't bypass the network latency.
4. Connection: The word connection subconsciously reminds us of the Internet. Isn't it? If yes lest we know in the comment section.
There are several types of connections which is a self-maker of high-latency.
  • Satellite-based connection & High latency: This methodology is used considerably in telecommunication as a wireless connection. It indicates towards the satellite when any kind of data or voice transmission works. Whenever we do browse the Web & click on any link. Each time the page responds a bit later. The input signal travels a long way from the local network to satellite & hen to the server. So it takes some time to process your request.
  • Advanced connection & Low latency: This operation gets done by processing your request immediately. As a result, we get an instant-page loading at a glance. 4G & 5G have socialized this advanced & smart connection of low-latency algorithm.
5. Distance: Gradually, you know that network signals take much time to cover a long distance. Similarly, in between your device & server, signal direction takes much time to reach each other's end.
6. Bandwidth measurement: This objective of lower bandwidth usually lowers your data processing rate. Once you have to browse a gigantic-sized page, the web becomes extremely complex & intricate to you with low-bandwidth.

How to kill bandwidth latency & make your internet faster?

As a forever enemy of the Internet, latency delay has been a cause of headache starting from the heavy gamers to online streaming also. The engineers are trying hard to lower the high-latency.
We suggest a few steps to enjoy a lag-free internet service.
  1. Wired Internet connection or broadband: Beforehand the wireless network connection puzzle us, we all were bound to use the two-hand communication service. One hand on the receiver & the other one holding the earpiece. Since the wireless signal unfolds, we see several signal drop & delay at the internet connection. And, recently we are much interested in wireless broadband connection also. In these two different mode operation, wired or broadband connection gives us much stable network signalling. And, it's pieces of equipment are cheap also.
  2. Reboot: Every technical device must get a reboot once a day on a regular basis. Generally, these devices like modem, router, handset, the computer gets heated up for being under-pressure for a long period of use. This happens as machines are created according to the mechanism of the human body. Both of our physic & tech-based machines need to be cooled down after a certain period of rest. So we suggest you keep your device switched-off for the least time of 30min if possible. It increases the performance as well as unfolds lag-free service.
  3. Limit excessive use: When you know that you are on a small bandwidth connection, you should be sincere in using your network speed. This size of your current speed matters. If you share your bandwidth with others for the silly purpose, an unfulfillment of your data latency will urge now & then. Always try to disconnect all the unwanted users. 
  4. Natural calamities: Always keep up a watch over the wire & adapters outside your home.
    Whenever we face laginess, we only search for fault in router or modem. Sometimes, it's not the utmost investigation. Just go outside & check the wire & WAN adapter. Ethernet cables sometimes melt out in the heat of the sun or get leakage & water passes through it. Repair the problem & save every drop of energy. 
  5. Server fault or issue: ISP can punch you but make sure that you have gone through all the previous points. Contact customer care for help. Their technical engineer will solve your problem successfully. They can run a speed test or ping test in DOS(ping loss). As of now, it's the best-known diagnosis for internet latency.

How is the latency different from Bandwidth?

Network connections of the internet have a different layer of measurement.
Here, the two comes out in terms of processing network speed & quality. One is latency & another is bandwidth.
Both of the bandwidth & latency have a different impact on internet speed.
Nowadays, we are highly obsessed with the bandwidth (network speed) but none understand or never ask about the latency rate. Whether it is low or high. As a result, the network operator or ISP brands befool us showing high bandwidth advertisement on the poster.
Making the Comparison Easy with the example of water flowing pipe trial. 
  • Take a narrow or wide pipe. Narrow for low-bandwidth & wide for high-bandwidth.
  • Now, pass water through the pipe. The high speed refers to low-latency & the low speed refers to high latency.
Hope, you are now smart enough to identify the fault the fault of your ISP whenever you measure network latency or face network latency issues.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

The best ways to utilize Highest Paying Short URl

Whoever doesn't wanna come up earning a good deal from short URL?
The most popular & trust-worthy domains are here. We have tried so hard to make the best list for you.
If earning online is your only priority, URL shortening technique is one of the best source income to add some revenue to your pocket. Just by pasting or sharing the short links of your domain/blog or any trending topic, earn a good deal.

Link Shortening Method

The link Shorteners are listed considering the

  • paying-rate, 
  • quick response time, 
  • trustworthiness, 
  • safe redirection.

However, you have to wait for a bit duration of 5second to arrive on the destination page. For, these companies have to earn by showing some advertisement in the redirection gap.

The medium of Payment Transfer

  1. Paypal
  2. Bitcoin.
  3. Webmoney.
  4. WireTransfer
  5. Payoneer.
  6. Payzara.
How much do you earn from Short URL?
  • The best URL Shortener can provide you with $10 at max. for 1000 views. Make sure you are using a particular company.
  • Referral: Refer your friend. On registering to any short URL sites just by clicking on the referring link can pay up to 20% commission of the clicker. 
So, without wasting time read out the Best of 10 highest paying URL Shortener in 2019.


What makes Miniurl unique from others is their highest paying rate. Get up to $250 per 1000 clicks.onwards.

The use is very easy as the other sites are. Get yourself registered within a minute with the help of advanced technology.
The payout rate varies according to the country. Click here for the rates. The difference in browsing devices blankly affects income rates.
The only thing you have to do is to shorten the link using their tool & post them on the Social network sites like FB, Whatsapp, Twitter, or other forum & blog as well.
After signing up with your data, get the list of your shortened URLs in their panel & the click countings being shown there. Returning clicks are also get counted.
The referral earning starts when your friends sign up following your referral link. Get an amazing amount of 20%  of your friend's earnings.
Make sure that you have already created a PayPal account. You can transfer money only when your balance hit $5 & not more than twice a month. You can transfer the amount into your bank a/c.

2. ShortZon

This URL shortening network has another magical outgiving of $120 against 10000views. This high amount can be earned without a penny from your pocket & also the rate grows over time. For this reason definitely, you can say that this company is the highest one in terms of CPM rate. 
You can also earn $15 to $20 each day for specific countries.

So, without delay Sign up today with your details to have a start & make your own money. 
Now, gather numerous clicks for much balance storage. Get the links posted on your social network wall, forum & also share it on your blog. However, you don't need to post on a regular basis. Only sit back & watch. 
In their log, take the most advanced benefit & it's depending upon your own strategies about which one is going popular & one is losing popularity. this status checking method is reliably unique & self -driven too.
As the amount increases, be ready to get it transferred in your bank a/c. Their PayPal based transfer protocol allows you to redeem your balance after storing $5.
The customer support team is always waiting for you. The 24/7 online helpline secures your data & balance. You can earn $100 max. for each day.
Now, don't be late to invite your friend. As they sign up using your link a 20% commission of their earning for a lifetime is going to be yours. 

3. Clicksfly

The next one in the list turns Clicksfly on with $150 for 1000 views. Without being late, only take membership for free & activate your id. Be prepared for your upcoming income. 
Account statistics marks all the short links listed. Get complete analysis & clicks counting there. You can short any links as much as you like. Well-organized administrative panel gives you permission to access all the features. 
Now, it's the time to share the mini links to the desired blog forum & Social networks & surely the posted links are going to get clicks after a click.
Bank transfer starts after when the minimum earning reaches $3.00.
The transfer medium is Paypal, Paytm, Bitcoin & others.
Each referral registration can bring about a 20 %  bonus of your friend's earning permanently.
However, both offline & online support is available for customers. 
Special API feature: This is a hassle-free link generator for all the pages of your blog. Once you put a blog/domain name. As an output, you'll get the short-links of all the pages of your site.


Here comes another short URL maker with a ready-made feature of URL shortening tool. Definite earning money online is now more realistic. 

However, no clear reference is mentioned of estimated earning is given. But, the ensures you to give you a 30% share of invited registrants. Make sure that
  1. Your visitors are unique.
  2. The visitors have enabled the Java-script.
  3. Ad-blocker is paused.
  4. Cookies enabled.
  5. No VPN or proxy disabled, allowed.
  6. Don't make any fraud click. Else you may be banned.
In the meantime, you can consider the above lists as the reason of why your earnings are not being counted?

5. ULSfun

The funnily named domain link shortener, however, brings a down a good deal earning for you. Online earning becomes easier indeed.
Following three simple three steps starting from signing up, link shortening & earning etc. make your profit. Most of the cases for short URL the processes of earning are almost the same. 
Account management is now at your fingertips. Relocate them only by signing in. API based protocol offers more swift interference while switching to the short links from your long & boring web address. As a result, get a complaint-free performance.
However, get ever-increasing income from the clicks. Know more as he co-ordination is not over yet. And 30% referral bonus is waiting for you. 
And, it's from your referred friend's earning, indicates your life-long earning from his/her income. Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, direct bank transfer is the platforms to get the money. Make sure, you have earned a minimum $1 to start the transmission.

6. Linkzfy

On the URL shortener platform, Links2fly is another popular name to impress with higher paying rate. This company claims to provide with the free tool like blooming flower in the spring.
The three-step mechanism is enough to make money.

Get control over the administrative panel at one click. Also, get your visitor analysis in this section as well as revise your strategies.
Do you want to know how to shorten more links at one step? So, here, according to the advanced technology, API is all time bonus in terms of forming up creative & advanced ideas to improve your business.
You'll receive payment after making $5.00. Here, you can keep trust on Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney, Bitcoin & Bank Transfer at the last. Get payment only one time a day.
Involve more friend & secure 20% earning of their income permanently. This whole procedure is based on the referral bonus section. 
Get customer support from technical team & form up a strong source.
How much does Linksfly pay?
This is an unsolved question. Now, we can guess $3.50 to $12.5 on 1000 views. But split income can also be seen depending upon country variation.

7. is another popular name in the link shortener carnival. This be filling company can turn a vast crowd & benefits you with the profit.

The important feature is that you do get benefit from the returning visitors also. So, start up with free registration. Now, earn without investment.
Earn $5 for 1000 views. Although earning varies in terms of country. Get your payment redeemed automatically on the 1st & 15th day of each month. Minimum withdrawal amount is $5.
For any further assistance contact the customer service & get assistance within 12hrs. 

8. remains the position of the most popular & trusted URL shortened series. This company earn by showing ads while redirecting you to the original domain address.

Always try to avoid fraud clicking. Else, it'll result in destroying your revenue rate. Because their potential filter split up the misdoer.
Advanced statistics show your earning, clicks by each URL. No bound to make a lot of short link at once due to the presence of API.
Free registration waits for all after which you can start your effortless earning.
Referral criteria arrive with 20% commission of your friend's earning. 
However, the CPM rate changes according to country & browser type; handset or desktop. Get a fair price range when the audience starts clicking.

9. Shink

Enjoy the service of to get paid using the link shortener tool. From start to finish there are only three steps. Register with a free account, create link & paste & earn from visitors.

The minimum payout rate is $5.00. Paypal is the medium. So, without being late get a start for your own benefit. 
The referral objective is not over yet. Get 20% commission whenever your friend earns any amount.
Earn $4.10 for 1000views. The rate subjected to change according to the country starting from $.o1 to $4.10. However, it may change accordingly.


In my honest opinion, you have heard about Their keynote is 'get extra income from your traffic.'

The process of earning with this company is very simple. If any blog belongs to you or any interesting content is there, you can definitely earn at endlessly by posting the links in the social networks, message, comments etc.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Top ten best VPN list. Browse the web anonymously

Virtual Private Network stands for the VPN. The best VPNs are not only going to help you but also you can share this article with your friends, relatives & colleagues. Help then accessing blocked websites, streaming etc. In the meantime, it assists us to browse the Web in private & safe way. You can also keep yourself untraced by avoiding the online geo-tagging. 

  1. VPN keeps your IP address hidden from the of the world.
  2. Throughout the Web, we look for the best VPN. However, the meaning of best not only lies in the quality of browsing but in bearable cost also. 

How to choose the best VPN service?

  • Safe browsing without showing the IP address.
  • Bypass the blocked Websites.
  • Anti-traceable.
  • When any particular site is banned by any Govt. Or operator. 
  • Fast browsing experience. 
  • Uninterrupted downloading.
  • Torrent accessibility.
  • Cost efficient.
  • The list has been done considering the long-term reputation & secured service. 
  • The top listed VPN doesn't keep any of your browsing histories to them. 
  • All the listed VPNs are trying to maintain proper & fitful cost for the service they provide. 
  • Lastly, we have always avoided biased reviews. 
We have done the best picks for you.
Here, your eye can visualise a neutral review out of all the confusing opinions. Our ascription is going to draw a blind trust to your demand & interest. 

The top 10 VPNs are listed accordingly.

1. Express VPN.

Start your subscription for a month & get the superfast servers covering all 94 countries all over the world. However, this company has 2000 servers. It does claim to have the widest platform among the VPNs.

Express VPN assures you with the AES Security (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256bit keys. Making you sure that the U.S. Government also uses this Security Standard for their data protection.
IP masking retains your browsing history safe from being traced by any third party app, cellular network or wi-fi operator or public wifi.
You don't have to think about your subscription amount until you feel contended. A 30days money back guarantee is available surprisingly.
Any type of web leaks is absent & free from virus.
A lot of VPN protocol within their servers can work alternatively. You can switch to any particular protocol as per your wish to get an improved & faster speed & security.
Availability of Torrent, Netflix access. It unlocks a lot more sites & streaming also to work like television at all.
You can choose Express VPN app for any kind of operating system you do use like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux & even Chrome & Mozilla extension are available.
Signup with various types of offerings of data subscription.

  1. One Month- $12.95
  2. 6 months- $59.95 ($9.99 per month).
  3. 12 months - $99.95 ($6.67 per month). You will save 49%.
Server numbers: 2000+ | IP Address: 30,000 | Server locations : 148 / Countries : 94| Max. device supports: 3.

Express VPN pros

  • Torrent & Netflix Accessibility.
  • Top-notch proctection encrypted. 
  • All platform supported with apps.
  • Rocket-fast speed.
  • Tons of servers.
  • 30 days money back guarantee. 


Only Three is accessible at one time. 

2. IP Vanish

Secure your internet connection from 1000+ servers to 60+ countries.
Amazing p2p torrent service on the go.

However, it ranks second considering the number of servers, availability in many countries, industry-level security encryption of 256-bit AES, quality of service etc. 
This company demands that they hold tons of shared IPs which are 40,000+ along with 1000+ VPN servers.
Their service, you can get in almost any country around or more than 60.
They also provide with various types of protocol like IKEVZ, open VPN, L2TP/ IPsec VPN protocols. These multiple VPN connections make IP vanish more powerful as a trustworthy & reliable VPN provider.
You can make it in use for five devices at a time. Supports almost all the platform like Windows, Mac, iOS as well as Android also.
Torrent & Netflix runs easily with extremely fast speed & connection, establishes quickly.
After all, it's a nice VPN but a bit expensive in comparison with the other VPNs. 
However, it gives you 7days money-back guarantee & you are fully safe into the masked & incognited world.
It's handling cost is somehow at the state of expensiveness if you are ready to pay.
Max. Servers : 1000+ | Server location or countries : 60+ | IP addresses: 40,000+ | number of supported Device: 5


  • Torrenting & Netflix availability.
  • Superfast server response speed.
  • Almost Zero traffic-lag.
  • Personal server with all type of platform supported.


  • Only 27 days of money back guarantee.
  • Expensive.


  1. 1 month- $ 10
  2. 3 months - $ 8.99
  3. 12 months - $ 6.49

3. Nord VPN

One of the best-priced VPN in the market. It also packs the special security shield.
Provided 5000+ servers all over. 60+ countries. Nord VPN backs you with 2048 bit-encryption. This is the "Double encryption"; able to assemble two servers at a time into a single connection. 'No logging'; kill switches gives you relief from logging on several times.

The reality of sharing 6device at a time provides a lot more space for the users. Its location is at Panama, Considerably an unknown location to this world.
Nord passed the 'Zero leaks' stage establishing a strong connection. The diversity of servers gives you smart play of Netflix at top speed. 
Any platform of an operating system is supported, together with Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, Mac & Linux etc. 
Its carrying charge a bit different from others. Cost lowers if subscribed for the long-term.
Nord VPN helps you out by their online assistants. Else you can opt for help centres, live chat, or mail to them.
The number of servers: 5,000+ | Server availability: 60+ countries, IP addresses: null till now, Maximum device supported: 6.


  • Less costly in comparison with other VPN.
  • 'Double' security encryption.
  • A huge server of 5000+
  • Torrent & Netflix works simultaneously.


  • Sometimes download speed lacks.

4. Perfect-Privacy VPN

This VPN company has been one of the introducers of Multi-hop VPN. 'Perfect-privacy' gets the importance due to their long arrival in the VPN Market since 2008. This company, however, got worldwide users from 23 countries onwards.

Highly protective security o AES-256 encryption gives us leak-free connection stability. Security protocol offers open VPN, IPSec & SSH. You should know that these days IP6 protocol is leak-free & 'Perfect Privacy' offers this protocol. 
The highlighting factor is that this VPN serves you with limitless connections for any of your devices. No limitations at all. 
When other VPNs are prone to minimize the number of connections, 'Perfect-privacy' is the name, you can rely on.
Netflix streaming & torrenting are available. Both of them works finely on their servers.
You can run this VPN on any type of platform like Windows, Linux etc.
However, they do have some flaws regarding network speed but fails to compete with the top VPNs. 


  • Multi-hop VPN.
  • No DNS leak.
  • Netflix works perfectly.
  • No device limitation.
  • Server switch option.


  • Comes in the most-expensive list.
  • 7 days money back guarantee.
Establishment- 2008| Countries: 20+| Servers: null| IP: Null


  1. 1 month- $12.99, 
  2. 3 months- $11.98, 
  3. 6months- $10.99, 
  4. 12 months- $9.99, 
  5. 24 months- $8.95.

5. Hotspot Shield | Securely masked for browsing. 

It's a perfect security shield & unbelievably Hotspot Shield is free VPN. 
However, if you use Hotspot Shield Premium, you can point toward the better performance. 
You can embrace the Premium version. The so-called 'best deal' comes out at $2.99 per month at 76%  saving rate. 

Dive once for the long-term subscription, you'll get the frivolous access of unlimited bandwidth & 2500+ servers around the globe waiting for you. 5 device support also turns to handy. 24/7 customer support precedes. 
All the platform with all the devices support. How many of you are at the risk of being traced?
Now get out of the concept & balance your identity as you want by the Catapult Hydra Protocol, Hotspot Shield VPN owns. It encloses all your working devices with doubtless protection. Get the benefit whatever you use as your operating system regarding Windows, Mac, Android & iOS. 
This company claims to provide the Malware-free data connection to prevent any kind of threat online. 
The company, Anchorfre from the United States is ready with 45 days money back guarantee. This is somewhat long-lasted offer for the customer.
After all, you can opt for a short-term 7days trial to understand the offerings waiting for.
However, during the trial days, it redirects you to their associated or sponsored sited for own profit. This was a matter of dispute regarding the accusation. 
Already, this company have already denied & skipped this topic when asked. 
Servers: 2500+ | Location: 25 | IP Address: null | Device support: 5


1 month- $12.99
24 months - $2.99


Malware free data connection.
Affordable cost.
7days free trial.
Online app for smart devices.


Less server & 
Lack of IP address.

6.Tunnel Bear

The funny name Tunnel Bear is a one-pick solution for your online privacy. The undergoing experience connects all your device to the Online world smoothly. 

However, this Canadian VPN service doesn't keep themselves away from the idealism of better service to the Online-world. The symbol of the angry bear enlivens the security in all.
After all, this VPN don't come out as the most giving one in the field of Security Protocol or server.
It's available in 20 countries only. The different security encryption is not gonna permit you for changing or shifting any protocol.
The bitterly disappointing truth is that you must be concerned for your own Security back-up while using this VPN.
You must be satisfied with the core support i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome extension & as well as Firefox & Mozilla also. Downloading is as per limits. 
Their technology of Torrent & Netflix support never tends out of context. This is also enough having a strong grip over the users. 
Tunnel Bear offers Free service. You can get free use of this VPN for 500MB. Moreover, extra 1GB data also available if you Tweet. 
Connect all your 5 devices simultaneously & it also rolls out as 'logging free'. 
Servers : 1000 | Server location: 20+ | IP address: N/A | Device Support: 5


  1. Bear-like Security.
  2. Variety of servers.
  3. Free service for short-time.


  1. Lacks IP Address
  2. Reputation to be gained.

7. Wind Scribed | Another Reliable VPN.

This company provides the threat-free VPN services based on the R.O.B.E.R.T (Remote Omnidivetional Badware Eliminating). It is based on the Smart-robot system. However, you can move forward for all type of iOS, Android. Browser's add-ons like Chrome, Mozilla are available. Apps are also present in different stores & market. 

The favourable point is that this company appoints more solutive steps since long for the performances.
This specific support is provided with unlimited device supports. In the market-place, thus stands almost alone.
Wind Scribed is spread over large areas of 100 cities. The connection unfolds to 50+ countries onwards. 
However, a little deficiency of proper customer care support always puts up to think twice before referring to this VPN. If any problem persists, you need to wait a bit long for the solution. Generally, this advanced technology lacks proper customer support due to the low amount of worker at the duty table. 
This company might not come out as an absolutely reliable; but it is a full swing with the absolutely free data of 10GB per month. 
Why being deprived of less data? Be troubleless with unlimited plans. 


  1. Add devices for umpteenth times.
  2. 10GB data at free of cost.
  3. A better number of server location. 


  1. Lacks customer support.
The number of servers: 340+ | Server Location: 50+ | IP address: null | Device supports: limitless.|

8. ibVPN

The company name sounds a lot telling about an Invisible Browsing VPN. ibVPN concerns you about the special Romanian security encirclement. As you all know that security is a must-have thing for VPN technology.

Furthermost, the smooth run also supports various OS like Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, Chromecast, Apple Tv etc.
This VPN is based on the serious security encryption which applies to the smart DNS. AES 256 encryption serves you with L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, SSTP etc.
After that, at some point the wage of this VPN is chargeless. The transparency gets processed as the company offers low charge. All over you do get 24hrs of the free trial. However, from standard to Business pack including Torrent also, around $1.54 to $3.46 per month for a 1year extension. If a month of activity measures, definitely extended charge of almost 47% bill comes out. 
180+ servers all over 57 countries. However, the small bundle of servers don't let you work for Torrent but some of the servers do support you. After all, it's not ideal for Torrenting.


  1. Login-free 
  2. Smart DNS 
  3. Free trials 
  4. Bunch of servers.


  1. Fewer servers
  2. Not the fastest in speed.
  3. Price duality.

9. Private Internet Access VPN | Go along with this adaptive VPN.

It might not be a hard slog for to secure their place in the VPN field. Considerably the company knows that the secondary medium they belong to serves 30+ locations all over the world. This they have also shown their extraordinary Censorship to gather a lot more users at a low cost.

The instant proxy considerably maintains average figurative internet Access. Their own multi-layered security protection controls the panels. Additionally, all types of OS application are ready for their users. Essentially, this London-based VPN performs well with its fundamental freedom for customers. But also a light falls on it making it a trustworthy VPN service provider. 
Another fact seems to have no 24hrs support. As this nature of this company descends their popularity.
But instead of some faults & separate issues, Private Internet Access comes from US country, depending upon the court order they have ended showing up their correctness. According to the source, this company don't fit for selling any user information to what they don't do. 
Another used to custom like most of the other VPN supports almost all types of operating system, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. Another igniting feature of their own, Adblocker works automatically against any kind of attack. Commonly the extension for Chrome, Mozilla, Opera is available. The highlighting feature is that their server supports Torrenting. 
Nevertheless, you'll get a solution through email. It takes 5hrs at furthermost.
Number of Servers: 3000+, Server location: 30+, | IP address: null | Max. device support: 5


  1. Effectively low-priced.
  2. Malware filter & ad-blocker built-in.
  3. Supports bitcoin.


  1. No live Chat.
  2. Without trial pack.
  3. No kill switch.

10. VyperVPN

Another significant name in the VPN carnival. The newly introduced Chameleon Technology backs VyperVPN. In the day-to-day pursuit, you do feel a lot more security censorship all over the world. 

This Switzerland-based server is not more left behind to contribute us with the potency. So, as a result of it 70+ locations overall to provide us with the fitful servers. Some other things of the security system, 256 encryption techniques automatically takes away the user's trust.
The next section is clear that you get the solution of live chat whenever you want that opening to a 24/7 online support.
Now, it's not a myth that you can download limitless at one-click. Also, all type of OS supports; Windows, iOS, Android, router OS etc. Even Chrome & Mozilla add-on are available too.




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